CSU backs CUTV and Juripop with $16,000 in financial aid

The Concordia Student Union passed a motion on Wednesday to provide additional funding to both Juripop and Concordia University’s student television station.

Councillors Cameron Monagle, Irmak Bahar and Eva-Loan Ponton called the special meeting to discuss what to do with the CSU’s operating budget surplus. The surplus is approximately between $18,000 and $20,000.

The CSU went on to unanimously pass a motion to finance Juripop with $10,000 to help provide legal aid to students who might be charged under Bill 78 or under current municipal bylaws. The same motion also provides CUTV with an additional $6,000.

The additional funding for CUTV comes to help cover the costs of the live stream content that the group has been providing during the nightly protests revolving around the tuition crisis.

“It costs an astronomical amount,” said CSU councillor Cameron Monagle in reference to CUTV’s operating expenses.

“CUTV did not request money, “ wrote Monagle in an email to The Concordian, “but in light of their of their elevated expenses and losses with the recent coverage, we felt it would be appropriate.”

According to CSU President Lex Gill, the incoming executive begin their term on Friday June 1 and cannot access the surplus. She emphasized that the current CSU is not trying to take away funding from those about to take over.

“We’re not in anybody’s pockets,” Gill said.

The special meeting was called two days before the current CSU mandate’s term is set to expire.

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