Education Minister Line Beauchamp resigns

Line Beauchamp resigned officially Monday afternoon.

Quebec’s Education Minister Line Beauchamp announced her resignation in a press conference Monday afternoon.

Line Beauchamp resigned officially Monday afternoon.

Beauchamp stepped down both as education minister and deputy premier in what she states is a personal decision. Beauchamp is also stepping down from her position as an MNA and is reportedly leaving politics entirely.

Beauchamp stated that her last conversation with student leaders on the issue of the very controversial tuition hike made her lose confidence in the possibility of reaching a compromise.

“I am resigning because I no longer believe I’m part of the solution,” she said at the press conference.

Also present at the conference was Premier Jean Charest, who saluted Beauchamp for her “patience, courage and determination.”

“I’m sad over [Beauchamp’s] decision,” Charest said. “I wanted her to stay with us and work with us but as she expressed, it’s a personal decision.”

It was announced shortly after that former Education Minister Michelle Courchesne will be taking over the position. Courchesne preceded Beauchamp as Minister of Education, Sport and Leisure from 2007 to 2010.

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