City/Nation/World in brief

City in Brief:
A warm welcome
As UQAM students tried to resume what was left of the previous winter semester, they were greeted by protesters rather than teachers. On Monday, Aug. 27, about 100 classes were cancelled after an estimated 20 loud protesters showed their disdain for the resuming of the semester that was cut short back in February. Courses at Universite de Montreal were also disrupted by protesters. An eviction notice was given by the SPVM to the group rallying at U of M who dispersed soon after.

Nation in Brief:
Woman’s mutilated body found in Mississauga
Several body parts of dismemberment victim Guang Hua Liu have been found last week in locations surrounding the Greater Toronto Area. Her torso and other body parts are still missing but police are trying to focus on the details surrounding her death. The 41-year-old mother of three fled China 10 years ago after violating the country’s birth control policies and filed for refugee status upon her arrival to Canada. Little is known about her life in Canada but Liu’s estranged ex-boyfriend Chun Qi Jiang was arrested on Monday, Aug. 27.

World in Brief:
Tropical Storm Isaac heads for familiar ground
Though not a hurricane yet, Tropical Storm Isaac is about to hit Americans where it hurts; New Orleans. The weak system is set to make landfall on Wednesday when forecasters predict it will have gained hurricane strength. As the approaching anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation nears, it is unsure what Isaac will unleash. “That brings a high level of anxiety to the people of New Orleans,” Mayor Mitch Landrieu was quoted as saying by CNN. However, the storm will not become strong enough – only reaching Category 1 compared to Katrina’s Category 3 – to cause the same damage that occurred seven years ago.


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