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Editorial: First impressions are everything

by The Concordian September 4, 2012
Editorial: First impressions are everything

The thought of having a Concordia Student Union executive without the organizational skills to effectively plan a party, albeit for thousands of students, is cause enough for concern as any.

The upcoming back-to-school orientation is right about the corner but it seems little has been done in order to get the word out. Where are the posters on campus advertising orientation events? Why is the website so impossible to navigate? The CSU orientation page is non-existent, as far as we know, seeing as the link redirects to the 2011 orientation schedule.

Dealing with executives who are often hard to contact and watching them scramble to pull together a series of events they had all summer to plan shows a definite lack of time management.

We don’t want to assume the worst, but is it possible that the so-called “secret concert,” which is set to take place Sept. 14, is in fact undisclosed because there is no confirmed headliner? Like we said, there’s no need to imagine the worst case scenario, but it begs the question: How is the student body supposed to trust this team when they haven’t proven to be reliable?

It may very well be that the current CSU is only starting out and, much like a toddler, and has not yet learned to stand on their own two feet. As they mature with time, they have the potential to grow up and become competent leaders but, for the time being, we worry about their ability to lead now.

This, of course, is not the entire executive team’s fault; however, they should be working together to do everything in their power to pick up the slack. And there is slack. Whether or not the CSU is willing to admit it, their first challenge out of the gate was handled in a sloppy manner and without due care.

Posters for the two weeks worth of events and activities were only posted online on Labour Day, and with elections on Tuesday and the first day of classes looming, the timing could not have been worse. Unless of course, there was no information posted at all, which for a while, seemed like a real possibility.

Although the activities planned will be enjoyable for the drunk masses, there’s no question that the lineup could be a lot more impressive and enticing, not to mention well-promoted, if everyone had done their jobs properly.

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