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Laughing with the sensual side of heartbreak

by Colin McMahon September 11, 2012
Laughing with the sensual side of heartbreak

Have you been to a burlesque show recently? If you’re like most students, your answer might be ‘that’s not really my thing,’ but now is that time to change all that. On Sunday Sept. 16, Lady Josephine and a small troupe of fellow burlesque dancers are proud to bring something different to your night out with Lovers and Other Strangers at the Upstairs Jazz Bar and Grill.

For a minimal fee, students will be able to experience a night of sensual striptease set to the music of renowned jazz musician Stephen Barry. As Lady Josephine explains, she sees her show as a tribute and companion piece to the jazz singer.

“It grew out of my love of Stephen Barry’s music, really. The stories that he talks about in his songs are such beautiful stories that really mean something and that’s what a great burlesque act is,” she said.

For those still on the squeamish side about burlesque, Lady Josephine is quick to point out that this show will be the exact opposite of a dirty dive.

“Don’t expect it to be like a strip club at all because it really is an art form and it’s a very theatrical show that has a sexual side to it. The word burlesque originally means to make fun of,” she said, “expect to laugh a lot.”

Lovers and Other Strangers will use its unique art form to soften the blow of a subject that many find difficult to deal with. When one thinks of unrequited love and heartbreak, the shows that first come to mind are often Greek tragedies. Yet with burlesque, the presentation will allow for a night of laughter and enjoyment.

“That is what’s incredible about it,” Lady Josephine remarks, “it’s taking the whole spectrum of people we have in the world and celebrating their bodies on stage. You should expect to see semi-nude women who are really proud of their bodies but also able to be really self-aware and poke fun at themselves.”

Burlesque is entertainment that does not exist just anywhere. Lady Josephine said she feels very confident that anyone in attendance of Lovers and Other Strangers won’t go home with a heavy heart. Tickets are on sale now for twenty dollars in advance, or twenty-five at the door.

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