President Shepard greets faculty and staff

Concordia president Alan Shepard (right) took office in August 2012.
Concordia’s new president Alan Shepard (right) took office in August 2012.

Concordia University’s new president, Alan Shepard, organized a meet and greet with his faculty and staff on Thursday, Sept. 6 from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. in the atrium of the EV building.

Faculty members from various departments of the university showed up for an opportunity to exchange a few words with Shepard and express their concerns to the president.

Marie-Pierre Aubé, Director of the records management and archives department, thought the event was a great idea.

“There should be more events like this because they demonstrate that Concordia is a hip and modern university,” she said. “I think having a new president brings fresh air to the university and that can only be positive.”

Shanna Parisien, one of the event co-ordinators is looking forward to the atmosphere Shepard will bring the to the school.

“I hope that the president keeps the university as warm and welcoming as it is today,” said Parisien.

Many faculty members expressed their concerns about Shepard completing his five-year term and administerial transparency. Perry Shearwood, a part-time faculty instructor at the School of Extended Learning expressed the need for improvement.

“I think this is the beginning of stability at the university,” explained Shearwood. “I hope he has respect for part-time faculty members, because most of the teaching is done by part-time faculty. There has to be an improvement in the relations between administration and teachers.”

Shepard emphasized building relationships with others was a main focus of the event.

“The first thing you have to do when you enter a new place is to learn about it,” he said. “I am still in a learning mode about the university, its history, its strengths and weaknesses.”

“What I was really aiming at with this event was to get to know the teachers and administrators as people first and foremost, and to get them to know me as a person before thinking of me as their president,” Shepard explained. “Building relationships and strengthening the climate is key to success.”


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