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by Amanda L. Shore October 9, 2012
Arts in Brief

The International Festival of Films on Art

  • In collaboration with Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the 14th edition of the International Festival of Films on Art began Sept. 30 and will run until Nov 4. Featuring films that explore art in all its forms, the festival presents the best art films at the Maxwell Cummings Auditorium every Sunday at 2 p.m.

The complete Woody Allen films at Cinema du Parc

  • Did you run out of space on your hard drive before you could download all 44 films by Woody Allen? Lucky for you, Cinema du Parc will be showing every one of his films from Oct. 2 to Nov 22. Look for classics like Annie Hall, Manhattan and Bananas, as well as his recent wonders Midnight in Paris and To Rome with Love. Allen once said “If my film makes one more person miserable, I’ll feel I’ve done my job.” The ever-sarcastic director has actually been doing the opposite — delving into the realities of life in an endearing and comedic way for over 40 years, and consistently surprising us with his unique brilliance and socially relevant wit. This man is a machine, making at least one film a year since 1965, something that no other writer/director has ever dared to accomplish.

The Medea Effect at Theatre La Chapelle

  • Ugo’s mother has forgotten him and now his childhood fear is coming true. The Medea Effect is a roller-coaster ride of emotion, featuring Concordia graduate Emma Tibaldo. The Medea Effect runs Oct. 11 to 20 at Theatre La Chapelle. Tickets and showtimes at talisman-theatre.com

New theatre company inFurnace holds first monthly play reading

  • On Oct. 9, inFurnace, a new theatre company in Montreal, will hold its first play reading at The Freestanding Room. The reading of Stone Cold Dead Serious is part of the company’s fundraising effort. Admission is by donation so please give generously. Doors open at 7 p.m., space seats 30 so get there early.

The Bacchae at The Centaur Theatre

  • Scapegoat Carnival Theatre presents The Bacchae a tragic story of the god Dionysus’s return to Thebes. Dionysus, the god of wine and merrymaking has returned to avenge the defamation of his mother’s name. Standing in his way is the young King Pentheus, who denies Dionysus’ authority as a deity, imprisoning anyone who participates in his rites. The Bacchae runs Oct 12-20 at Centaur Theatre 453 St François-Xavier.

Art Exhibit: Cloud Nine at the VAV Gallery

  • “CLOUD NINE is an exhibition of three artists’ personal explorations into the visual and emotional aspects of the body. The works are beautiful and intriguing, but there exists a sense of foreboding and danger in the images presented. Nevertheless, the artists create their work with a sense of humor; there is a certain comical quality to the characters on the page and on screen.”- Artist group statement.
  • Featuring work by Concordia students: Amanda Craig, Tiffany April and Yannick ”Ziyang” Yip. Cloud Nine runs until Oct. 12. For more information visit vavgallery.concordia.ca

Our video of the exhibit here: Cloud Nine at the VAV Gallery

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