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Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary

by Amanda L. Shore October 2, 2012
Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary

The Blood Ballet Cabaret’s Classical Show. Press photo.

You won’t need to stand in front of a mirror to invoke Miss Bloody Mary Anne, otherwise known as Kamee Abrahamian, as she will be making an appearance at The Blood Ballet Cabaret’s Classical Show, Oct 7.

Classically trained as a ballet dancer for 14 years, Anne came up with the idea of starting her own burlesque troupe back in May 2010.

“Basically, I hit the ground running. Somebody suggested it to me and I wasn’t sure, they took me to a burlesque show and basically as soon as I saw my first burlesque act ever, I think I realized that I really wanted to do it,” she said.

The Blood Ballet Cabaret combines diverse circus acts such as aerial contortion and fire hooping, with musical performances and burlesque-style acts. As part of their Classical Show on Oct. 7, the performers will be performing their numbers to classical and operatic music. Anne says that this type of music adds an epic dimension to performances. Some of the show will also be accompanied live with music from the Street Meat trio.

“It always ends up being really dramatic and epic and kind of grand,” she said.

Anne has assembled a crew of unique artists, composed of burlesque, circus and musical performers. Some highlights of her troupe are Petit Pandora, a circus artist from the National Circus School in Montreal, whose specialities include contortion, aerial hoop, aerial chains and straps. The Lady Josephine will be familiar to Concordian readers who attended her show Lovers and Other Strangers last month. A seasoned burlesque performer, Lady Josephine is well known for her strong characters, classical dancing and mime abilities.

Seraphina and Fire Phoenix will be bringing the heat to the cool October evening with their respective fire acts, while Fuhrious Nina delivers a touch of comedy with her humorous 1950s style. For Anne’s part, her act will incorporate some of the mythology of her namesake, integrating blood into her storylines and embodying aspects of the legend of Bloody Mary.

A unique blend of erotic entertainment and astonishing feats of human ability, The Blood Ballet Cabaret’s Classical Show has the makings of a truly unique way to spend a Sunday night.

The Classical Show will take place Oct. 7 at Le Belmont, 4483 St. Laurent. Doors open at 20 p.m., tickets are $10.

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