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JMSB will have representation on Senate

by Kalina Laframboise October 16, 2012
JMSB will have representation on Senate

Last week’s CSU council meeting. Photo by Marilla Steuter-Martin

The Concordia Student Union appointed two additional students to fill undergraduate seats on Senate last week, failing to address representation for the John Molson School of Business, before a spot opened up unexpectedly Monday evening.

Senator and CSU councillor Ramy Khoriaty stepped down Monday, leaving a spot open for JMSB student and VP academic of the Commerce and Administration of Students’ Association, Tuan Dinh.

CSU President Schubert Laforest told The Concordian that Dinh’s appointment will happen “soon” and that Khoriaty was motivated to step down because he personally wanted JMSB to have undergraduate student representation on Senate. It remains to be seen whether or not Laforest will appoint Dinh in an upcoming special council meeting or by presidential decree. Khoriaty did not attend either Senate meeting thus far in the academic year.

“I thought it was only fair that Dinh had the chance to represent students,” said Khoriaty. “JMSB deserves representation.”

In accordance with university bylaws, the CSU selects 12 applicants to represent the undergraduate student body at Concordia. Under Section 11, regarding Senate membership, Article 55 states that there must be “Twelve (12) undergraduate students who shall be appointed by the Concordia Student Union, with representation from each Faculty.”

In early October, council chose another five senators leaving one spot available.

Following the resignation of VP Loyola Stefan Faina from Senate Friday, Oct. 5, council resolved to nominate two students. Faina stepped down from his position because his part-time independent student status rendered him ineligible to sit on Senate.

The move garnered backlash from students in the following days because two applicants from JMSB were not granted representation.

Council selected instead, Sydney Swaine-Simon, from the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, and Daniel McSharry, from the Arts and Science Federation of Associations.

The reasons fuelling the CSU’s decision remain unknown since deliberation was conducted entirely in closed session.

Several concerned students sent Chairperson Jean-Francois Ouellet and the student media an email detailing where they took issue with the recent decision of the CSU.

“Furthermore, it was stated publicly that all the candidates whom were not appointed at council were still in the running for the sixth spot on Senate that was available, but from my understanding, that spot should only have been open for a JMSB student, as independent, ASFA, FASA, and ECA were already represented on Senate,” read the letter.

The email went on to say that the CSU violated its own policy by failing to “represent its membership as required” as stated in Objects 2.1 of the CSU bylaws.

Approximately a dozen students from various faculties wrote that the CSU was not fulfilling its mandate by not appointing a JMSB student.

Todd Lipstein, a JMSB student, said he submitted the letter because he felt the CSU excluded his faculty at Concordia.

“Personally, I am afraid we would get screwed and we wouldn’t even know it,” said Lipstein. “If there is nobody out there looking out for us though, I believe we are going to start wondering why all these decisions are being made to the benefit of all the Concordia students except us.”

Lipstein went on to say that he hoped to see an improved representation of JMSB in all aspects of Concordia, including the CSU.

Laforest said that there were discrepancies between university and CSU bylaws, and it must be emphasized in the future that all four faculties receive adequate undergraduate representation on Senate.

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Chuck Wilson October 16, 2012 - 22:05

Whoa, whoa — council appoints Senators, not Schubert. You can’t resign your seat to give it to another person. That’s not how things work. 

Someone needs to let Ramy and Schubert know…


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