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MUSIC: How To Dress Well finds sonic beauty in nightmares

by Audrey Folliot October 2, 2012
MUSIC: How To Dress Well finds sonic beauty in nightmares


Photo by Jesse Lirola

Who can say if Tom Krell truly knows ‘how to dress well,’ but he sure knows how to compose music. The Colorado-born experimental-pop producer and singer’s project, How to Dress Well, has just released its sophomore album, Total Loss. It was released Sept. 17 and has already been labeled Best New Music by Pitchfork.

Krell himself is a very mysterious character, and his music has the power to soothe you, move you and draw you in.

“Who I am as a person leads me to make music that is a bit deeper. I tend to think that we should take some things seriously, like art, spirits and what is true and good in the world,” said Krell.

It’s hard to believe that Krell was first brought under the spotlight just a few years ago. He has released several EPs and two albums on which you can find “Suicide Dream 1,” “Suicide Dream 2,” and “Suicide Dream 3.” These have to be the most intriguing tracks Krell has written in the past few years.

“These are three different songs for three different experiences that … made me feel suicidal,” explained Krell. “I had this strange dream where I was in the backseat of a car and we were floating around and I could see Earth from space. I saw my own face in the reflection of the car window and it was just a crazily-groundwards feeling. I woke up from that dream so depressed and wrote ‘Suicide Dream 1.’ ‘Suicide Dream 2’ is about my family and ‘Suicide Dream 3’ I wrote for my friend after he died.”

Lately, things are looking good for the experimental artist. How To Dress Well kicks off its three-month tour across North America and Europe on Oct. 4, and Montreal is the second stop on the fall tour.

“[My show] is an all encompassing kind of engrossing and spiritual setting experience, quite emotional and dynamic,” Krell revealed. “It moves from really quiet, plaintive songs to really loud, kind of in-your-face noise, to funk-dance rhythms as well. I’m really proud of it, and I think it’s one of the most beautiful shows around. I love Montreal a lot and I’m really excited to be back.”

Trial track: “Cold Nites”

How To Dress Well plays Club Lambi on Oct. 5. Tickets are $11 in advance or $15 at the door.

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