Pang Pang hits all the right notes

Photo by writer.
Photo by writer.

Pang Pang is two steps away from campus, making it convenient for after-class meetups. It may look small from the outside, but inside you’ll find it new and beautifully furnished, and who can ignore the immense mural in the entranceway? I’m talking golden Grecians frolicking. Once you’ve felt the touch of Bacchus, you’ll gleefully join the chorus.

Pang Pang has an impressive number of private booths available, from a cozy smaller rooms to spaces large enough to accommodate up to 22 people. Each room has its own flat-screen television, leather couches or benches, and in the larger rooms, your own coin-operated peanut dispenser. No matter what size, the rooms are comfortable enough you could easily kick back for a few hours.

“I like it because it’s intimate,” says Rosi Lutchman, a third year John Molson School of Business student and frequent Pang Pang customer. Lutchman says she likes “being in a room with friends as opposed to singing in front of a crowd full of strangers.”

Once seated, you never need to leave the room. if you want to place an order, simply press the button on the wall and a waitress will come to you. However, if you’re shy of the mic, I highly recommend a stroll down the hallway. The drunken howling of other guests will always cheer you up!

Drinks are nothing fancy, but reasonably priced at $4 to $6 for beer, $4.50 a shot, and $6.50 for mixed drinks. There are two types of rental rates, room rates and Happy Hour. The cheapest rate depends on how many people you are and the time of day. Small rooms of one to four people are rented for $25 and hour, large rooms of five to 12 people go for $30 an hour, and V.I.P. rooms of 13 to 22 people are $50 an hour. Fridays and Saturdays are $15 an hour per person.

The karaoke system can be somewhat difficult because the controller’s keys are all in Korean, but with help from the staff, you’ll get the hang of it. Most impressive was the range of songs available, with 25,000 to choose from in English alone. It isn’t all Queen and Shania Twain either. Songs are as new as PSY’s “Gangnam Style”. Although reading the lyrics is another story. Add to that a plethora of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese songs, and you’re set.

Snack offerings include chips, nachos, and fried dumplings, but with the amount of restaurants on campus, it’s more satisfying to eat elsewhere. That being said, Pang Pang is cozy, clean, and conveniently placed. Whether it’s a casual get-together or a birthday event, you’ll have a good time!


Pang Pang is located on 1226 MacKay St.


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