Resto Review: Euro Polonia

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If ever you feel a desire for Polish cuisine, I recommend heading over to Euro Polonia.

It’s a cute and tiny place that could fit a maximum of 16 people. It has a rustic ambiance that makes you feel at ease. I loved the decorations on the wall, which I’d expect to see in a Polish household. The setup of the wooden tables and chairs gives it more of  a café vibe than a restaurant. Euro Polonia offers homemade soups and some deli meats for takeout, as well as a catering service.

My friend ordered cheese and potato perogies and a sausage sandwich, and I had a soup, meat perogies, and a sausage sandwich.

For those who don’t know, perogies are semi-circular shaped dumplings that are traditionally stuffed with meat, cheese, potatoes or sauerkraut. They are made with unleavened dough, which contains no yeast, allowing it to rise. They can be served boiled, fried or baked. Originally from Eastern Europe, perogies can be eaten as an appetizer, a main dish or a even dessert.

Photo by writer

The server brought me the pickle soup and explained that they make their own pickles. There is a video they on their website on how they are made. The soup tasted good, if a bit vinegary. At the end of it, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to finish all my perogies.

Our main dishes came with six perogies. They were boiled and topped with small pieces of onions. They were served with marinated cabbage and sour cream. The perogies were hot, soft and tasted incredibly delicious – a little piece of heaven in every bite. Although both fillings were tasty, we prefered the cheese and potato perogies.

With little stomach room left for our sandwiches, we took them to go and enjoyed them later on in the day. The combination between the sausage, cabbage salad and Dijon mustard was delectable.

Mrs. Yagoda, the sole chef, is also the mother of the owner. She is one of the friendliest and nicest women I have met. Her recipes have been passed down through many generations of women in her family. She assured us that her soups are her own recipes.

Everything was fairly-priced too. There is the option of ordering a trio which includes a drink, a soup, and the choice of either a sandwich or perogies, ranging from $7.95 to $12.95.

Overall, having been to other polish restaurants,  I can say without a doubt that this one had better food and a friendlier service.


Euro Polonia is located on 1565 Amherst St.


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