Rubs: A carnivore’s heaven

There are, in my opinion, only two types of people in this world: meat-lovers and vegetarians. Today, I am sending a defining message to those who boast about the amount of meat they could eat in one portion and who take pride in finishing a 32-oz. steak. I am sending a message to those who not only enjoy meat on occasion, but to those who can truly understand the meaning of a glistening, fresh piece of premium meat. My message to you is clear: Go to Le Fumoir Rubs Smokehouse.

Please do not misinterpret my passionate banter. This is not a steakhouse, nor is it a mere restaurant. This is a good, old-fashioned smokehouse. This means that everything, from the mouth-watering prime rib to the enormous brisket, is smoked in a $20,000 first-class smoker.

George Riskas, co-owner of Rubs, was all pride when speaking about the main reason behind the restaurant’s success.

“Our smoker smokes 2,000 pounds a day of meat,” said Riskas. “The smoker cost me more than the whole kitchen.”

There aren’t many things that I like to call perfect, but these meats have exceeded all expectations. The fact that everything is smoked daily and that all sauces are made from scratch, makes this place a winner.

Behind every excellent food establishment lies a great story.

This is one of two childhood friends, Riskas and his partner George Vourliotis, who decided a few years ago to buy a smoker for their backyard — much smaller than the one they currently own — and eagerly started testing different ways to cook and spice some of their favourite meats. Ribs, briskets, steaks and pork were among their long list. They endlessly tried various spices for different meats, desperately looking for the perfect rubs. These were the foundations of the restaurant’s menu.

“We’ve created our own rubs, our own spices, for every different meat; and these rubs have at least 12 to 15 spices in them,” said Riskas.

Not too long ago, they decided it was time to become restaurant owners, and that is when Le Fumeur Rubs Smokehouse, the first restaurant of its kind in Montreal, was born.

Although neither of these fine gentlemen have ever owned a restaurant before, they’ve done a hell of a job for their first time. Their success can be attributed to a sincere attitude, as well as a simple knowledge of how their ideal restaurant should be.

“I try to recreate what I want when I go to a restaurant. I want top service and great food, plain and simple,” remarked Riskas.

The food isn’t the only part of Rubs that’s attracting an endless line of customers. The decor is a rich mix of old-fashioned and a modern, creating a cozy atmosphere.

“We got some ideas and then we brought a designer in. We gave him our opinions,” said Riskas. “He took some of our opinions, and then he did his own thing too. That’s how the store turned out. It keeps people feeling warm.”

There you have it folks. In a city renowned for its amazing culinary establishments and world class chefs, two gentlemen have managed to introduce a new concept to the city, and they’ve done it just right.


Le Fumoir Rubs Smokehouse is located on 17 Prince Arthur St. E.  View map.





  1. Delicious and amazing! I love this place – big supporter. It’s a delight to see a restaurant thrive in an otherwise failing area. Prince Arthur street isn’t what it used to be. Rubs is changing that!

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