Until tech do us part

There is no denying that technology has had, for the most part, a positive impact on our lives. Although we have come a long way with technological improvements, human relationships have taken a backseat in the progress. Texting and online messaging can be fun and convenient, but there are some dark days where technology has been our worst enemy.

Many women in the dating game find themselves holding a cell in one hand and a cocktail in the other. Suddenly, all the men a woman might ignore or reject, seem worth her while. She sends texts proposing they should hang out, grab a coffee or have a drink. Unfortunately, when morning comes, so does regret and a phone conversation with a friend on how texting under the influence can be a dangerous.

As for those “single and ready to mingle” with a potential prospect in mind, they tend to turn to Facebook for assurance, stalking this person’s tagged photos to see what they look like and who they hang out with. Facebook is also used as a cowardly approach of communication.

Rather than gathering up the courage to ask a lovely lady for her number in person, I’ve come to notice that men ask for phone numbers via Facebook, or worse, get it from the information section without permission. Soon he will be initiating contact with no more than a text message.

As convenient as this process may be, it is impersonal and unromantic. While Facebook can be a great way to chat with others, it should not be the sole source of introduction and communication when you first meet someone.

As Miley Cyrus once sang, “When you mean it, I’ll believe it; if you text it, I’ll delete it.”  Although that was supposed to be humourous, the verdict is still clear: Stay clear social networks until you have properly introduced yourself in person.

As for technology and serious relationships, there are a few scenarios where such a combo can go extremely wrong.  Though there’s no harm in the occasional “sext,” a heart on your sweetheart’s Facebook wall, or even a mobile upload of the two of you sharing spaghetti and meatballs, there are moments when technology can be your worst enemy.

Along with curiosity and jealousy come the undesirable questions of who’s who on your Facebook friends list and cell phone contacts.

I was astonished to read in The Guardian that according to American divorce lawyers and academics, Facebook is the number one reason for relationship troubles in the U.S., and is in the process of being accused of being one of the leading causes of divorce.  As if couples don’t already have enough obstacles to overcome.

As far as I can see, whether you are single, looking, or taken, technology can cause some unwanted drama. Facebook has put pressure on relationships, and while texting may be cute, it’s no love letter.


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