A preview of the upcoming CSU byelections

After the recent resignation of Lucia Gallardo, the executive position of VP academic and advocacy is open, along with numerous other seats on council, and will be up for grabs in the upcoming Concordia Student Union byelections this month.

Leaving the position vacant was discussed at the regular council meeting Oct. 26 when councillor and former VP external Chad Walcott motioned to put forth the vacant position in the upcoming byelections.

“I proposed the motion to open up the VP academic position because the CSU should have a full executive,” Walcott said. “The job of an executive is often overwhelming, so I figured if we have a chance to reduce some of the pressure by filling the position then we should take it.”

Due to Gallardo’s resignation because of student status issues, current members of the executives have taken on her various roles and responsibilities. VP external Simon-Pierre Lauzon and VP sustainability Andrew Roberts have split the portfolio. Since Gallardo stepped down, Lauzon has handled academic affairs and Roberts is in control of the advocacy portfolio.

Schubert Laforest, CSU president, was hesitant to leave the position open because he preferred to appoint someone who he thought would be best suited due to their connections and current work with the CSU.

“Council felt it was more convenient to leave the seat open. I just hope people who want to run at least get information on what the job entails, what are the requirements and if they have any experience,” Laforest said.
Laforest went on to say that he is also hesitant because of the timing which is something he wants to “minimize.”

“We’re in the middle of mandate, things are intense, with Senate and all, and the idea of having to train again in the middle, it’s not the same as being elected at the beginning,” he said.

Lauzon voiced his reservations during the meeting, stating that it would be difficult to have a new student join their team. He emphasized that it was a “risk” and that an incoming member might not be beneficial in the long run.

The CSU byelection nominations started yesterday and will proceed until Nov. 9 and forms for applicants are available at the CSU offices on the 7th floor of the Hall building.

Although the executive felt it was unnecessary and unwarranted to open the seat, the motion passed.

Following the resignations of councillors Juliana Ramos and Laura Glover, additional seats on council are fair game to those seeking a spot.

The seats that are open are one Fine Arts seat, two Arts and Science seats, three John Molson School of Business seats, and three Independent student seats.

Laforest states that a few students have stopped by to give their nominations but doesn’t recall any Independent student nominations yet, since those students are a lot harder to find.

“I mean, there’s always worry, you don’t know what you’ll get, and if they’ll be dedicated or not. It’s something you can’t control, but I do have faith,” Laforest said.

Thus far, no one has expressed interest in the VP academic and advocacy seat. The polling dates will be Nov. 27, 28 and 29.


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