Calling all bakers and cake lovers

Photo by Nicole Yeba
Photo by Nicole Yeba

On Oct. 27 and 28, Montreal had its first Cake Show and Design Competition at the Sports complex of Vanier College. For their first edition, it was surprisingly well organized and all proceeds went to the charitable organization Dans la Rue, which works with at-risk youth.

There were three different sections in separate rooms on the Saturday, and the main room had the cake exposition with over a dozen vendors.

The second room had the cupcake challenge from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. The theme of the cupcakes was the ‘city of Montreal,’ which led to original flavours and decorations from the 19 participants.

Alicia Barrett of Leece Design is a Concordia alumni who works in graphic design and bakes in her free time. Her cupcakes were adorable and displayed on plates with a multitude of different frosting colours.

“I would rather do something well than not do it,” said Barrett. “I believe that you have to be passionate and devote your time.”

The third room had baking classes for both children and adults. A space was also arranged for people who wanted to sit and enjoy their treats. Both days had a total of 29 classes, with two classes for children under 11.

Paige McEachren, the event’s executive director, was thrilled that the event was a success and said that next year they might have to move locations, to accommodate an even bigger audience.


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