East End Radicals juggle class with tours and big time success

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Press photo

East End Radicals worked themselves to the bone with the release of Carry On, a 12 song album debut that will surely melt your leather and get your fists in the air.

Stomp Records recently added this four-piece punk rock band from Montreal to their repertoire, calling their album a “wild, raucous and unapologetic middle finger salute to authority, oppression and the status quo in general.”

The boys have shared the stage with the Planet Smashers, The Creepshow, The Real Mckenzies and the Mahones and toured Ontario and Quebec on their own in the summer of 2011. When asked about the tour, drummer and political science undergrad at Concordia, Matthew Di Guglielmo, said it was nothing short of amazing.

“You meet tons of incredible people that more often than not, will give up their houses and showers for the night so you have somewhere to stay,” said Di Guglielmo. “The generosity and hospitality we have received is incredible.”

Lead guitarist and film studies undergrad Eric Petraroia drops the names of Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, The Ramones and Social Distortion as some of the many influences from which they derive inspiration. Petraroia and Di Guglielmo have been playing music together since they were 12, and it wasn’t until the additions of Brent Blake on bass and Scott MacLeod on vocals and guitar that East End Radicals developed a gnarly attitude, one that would get them signed to Stomp Records.

About a year ago Matt Collyer, lead singer of Planet Smashers and manager of Stomp Records, took notice of the band on stage and approached them about a potential collaboration. East End Radicals sent in their demo, and three nail biting months later, Collyer called back with an opportunity that changed their lives.

“It was and still is a shock. This is something I’ve wanted since I was a kid, and for it to finally happen is really a dream come true,” said Di Guglielmo. Today, East End Radicals have an album available in stores and on iTunes, along with plans to conquer North America and Europe on their upcoming tours.

This great opportunity does come with some sacrifices for the band. Petraroia said that he is at “the finish line” of completing his degree, but believes touring to be a priority, for “music has always come first” for him. Blake and MacLeod have even sacrificed serious jobs to pursue this opportunity. Di Guglielmo revealed that making the decision to postpone school and commit to the band’s career was not an easy conversation with his parents.

“They are firm believers that school is very important, and to a certain degree, I agree with them,” said Di Guglielmo. “I think I would regret it more if I didn’t give music a shot because of school. I can always go back to school, I can’t always go back to getting signed.”


East End Radicals album release show is at Petit Campus on Thursday, Nov. 22 at 7 p.m.


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