Malajube taking a well deserved breather

Malajube will perform at the Corona Theatre on Nov. 28. Photo by Joseph Yarmush

After nearly a decade since their debut in the francophone cultural landscape, it’s time for Malajube to take a break. To close their 2012 tour, the franco-rockers have chosen to play one last show in the city they’ve called home for years — Montreal.

Malajube will perform at the Corona Theatre on Nov. 28. Photo by Joseph Yarmush

While originally from Sorel-Tracy in southwestern Quebec, the French indie rock band has won numerous recognized prizes. In 2006, Malajube won three Felix Awards at the Gala de l’ADISQ; they were awarded Best alternative album and Best cover art for their second album, Trompe-l’oeil, as well as Revelation of the year. The band reached national recognition that same year after being shortlisted for the 2006 edition of the prestigious Polaris Prize. With the 2009 release of Labyrinthes, the band again was shortlisted for the Polaris Prize.

With all of these in hand, they feel they are ready to take some time for reflection.

“With four albums in our pocket, the need has been stronger than ever to take the time for pausing,” said Francis Mineau, the band’s drummer. “It’s the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one.”

Next year, each group member plans to focus on their own personal musical projects, and many of them will be solo albums. It’s an opportunity to reconsider their individual places inside the collective. As Mineau described it, it will allow them to “take a breath of fresh air outside of the common project.”

A common project that they without a doubt wish to continue next year when they get back together. With gratitude, Mineau recalled “the amazing encounters along the way and the incredible opportunities seized on our path.”

It’s about taking a step back to get an overview of everything that has been done.

When asked what form this moment of reflection will take or what they want to do during these months the drummer didn’t have an answer. He may not have one until their final show at the Corona Theatre this week. But Malajube is confident about one thing.

“It’s not just about releasing another CD, just to release another CD,” said Mineau.

It’s about situating their upcoming musical creation inside the course of their career in order to determine what the next step will be. And first and foremost, pinpoint what they can offer to their fans.

At the end of it all, as Mineau underlines, the most powerful link is the musical one. It’s about erasing yourself behind your songs, and giving music as a gift to those that are present to receive it.


Malajube play the Corona Theatre on Wednesday, Nov. 28. Tickets are $23 + ticket fees.


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