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by Andrew Guilbert November 27, 2012
Music In The News

Juniors go miniature

For every Dinosaur Jr. fan who’s longed to gently cradle the band in their arms, you can thank the doll makers at Mediodescocido for making your creepy dreams a little more feasible. Apparently the Argentine artists were so impressed by the band’s 2012 album I Bet On Sky, that they’ve have fashioned a trio of dolls in honor of J Mascis, Lou Barlow and Murph. The miniature musicians are completely hand-painted, one-of-a-kind, 35 centimetre dolls packaged in a custom box made to resemble the album’s art. The doll designers have even thrown in skateboard and guitar accessories to complete the package. Unfortunately, the junior Dinosaur Jr.s are not for sale, which means you’ll have to find something else with which to stuff your Christmas stockings. But if you’re dead-set on getting your hands on something Dinosaur Jr.-related, you could always pick up the J Mascis Throbblehead bobblehead that came out earlier this year.


He must still be at war with the mystics

About two weeks ago, The Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne tweeted “Sorry Sorry Sorry!! Everyone that was inconvenienced because of my grenade at OKC airport!!” and yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. The singer allegedly brought a grenade or grenade-like object with him to the Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City and prompted the TSA to shut down the airport, which meant that a number of passengers missed their flights.

“I was stuck near the food court, wasn’t able to cross the airport to get to my gate. Flight left without me, all because of Wayne Coyne,” one unlucky passenger told local blog The Lost Ogle.

“I think Wayne Coyne should reimburse me, at a minimum I want to drop acid with him and Yoko Ono. Can you help me out to let Wayne know that his music is fucking weird and I could use that $1000 ASAP. Thanks.”


Wu-Tang is for the children

It seems that Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA must have done some serious background research for his upcoming album Dark Matter, as he’s now preparing to play on the role of science teacher in a new physics program aimed at inner-city kids. The rapper, in collaboration with Columbia University professor Christopher Emdin and rap lyric site Rap Genius, will be testing out a pilot project to bring hip-hop to science classrooms in 10 New York City public schools. The idea is to get students to formulate their own science-themed rhymes in order to learn course material, the best of which will be featured on the Rap Genius website.

“You never know. This could turn into something in the future as big as the spelling bee,” GZA said. “A hip-hop cypher is the perfect pedagogical moment, where someone’s at the helm of a conversation, and then one person stops and another picks up. There’s equal turns at talking,” Emdin added. “When somebody has a great line, the whole audience makes a ‘whoo’, which is positive reinforcement.”


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