Shimmy until your garters break

Press photo for Bang! Bang! Prohibition Cabaret
Press photo for Bang! Bang! Prohibition Cabaret

If you thought Gatsby threw a good party, he had nothing on what’s expected for Bang! Bang!, a prohibition themed cabaret hosted by Cirquantique.

The evening will begin at 8 p.m. on Nov. 10 in Bain Mathieu’s event salon and will feature local circus and burlesque acts alongside swingin’ tunes from 11-piece band, The Unsettlers.

“We’re looking for people who aren’t members of Cirque du Soleil,” said Mitchell Bundy, who’s in charge of press for Cirquantique, emphasizing the underground nature of the event. “A lot of [our performers] are fresh out of circus school, a lot of first-timers.”

Amongst up-and-comers there are also renowned names like burlesque performers BonBon Bombay and Cherry Typhoon, as well as contortionist Petite Pandora.

At around 11 p.m. the theatrics will come to an end, but the night isn’t over. Audience members are encouraged to stick around for an evening of electro swing hosted by ‘Montreal Speakeasy Electro Swing’ DJs Khalil and Don Mescal.

“Speakeasy Electro Swing normally operates out of Sala Rossa so this is their opportunity to fill up a bigger space,” Bundy said of their partnership for the night.

Up to 500 people are expected to attend the Bang! Bang! afterparty.

Cirquantique’s events, as a series, highlight different eras under the umbrella of offering unique performances and a night of uninhibited fun. Bang! Bang! is the second show in this series.

“The first show was called Arena,” said Bundy.

The 1920s is a perfect backdrop for such extravagant performances and partying the night away. It also helps that this decade seems to be particularly trendy right now, owing in part to the impending release of the newest film adaptation of The Great Gatsby.

“Montreal has been all over the whole swing movement, the swing revival. Every night you can find a swing dance,” Bundy said. “People don’t look at you funnily if you walk down the street wearing a fedora.”

So fellas, slick your hair back and put on your buckle dancing shoes. Dolls, don that fringe and get your flashiest dress ready.

“Costumes are encouraged and, after 11pm, everyone who’s dressed up will get [to pay] $15 at the door, otherwise its $20,” said Bundy. “There’s definitely enough vintage to go around in Montreal so no excuses!”

The good news is you can pick up your flapper outfit when you go get your ticket in store at Kitsch n’ Swell or Cruella. Tickets are also available online at

Bang! Bang! Prohibition Cabaret takes place at 8 p.m. Nov. 10 at Bain Mathieu, 2915 Ontario St. E.


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