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Streams of the week – The latest discoveries to quench our earbuds

by The Concordian November 20, 2012

 Marqaux Loper



“Counting” – Autre Ne Veut – Anxiety 

Brooklyn electro artist Arthur Ashin, a.k.a. Autre Ne Veut, announced the 2013 release of his next album, Anxiety, with the YouTube debut of its first single. In “Counting,” the 30-year-old Hampshire College grad explores R&B, pop and soul-melodic grooves about death, anxiety and heartbreak. In a recent interview with Pitchfork magazine, Ashin struggled to define his sound’s genre.

“People who’ve heard the album say, ‘This is so R&B’, but people who actually listen to R&B are not going to feel like this is a real R&B record,” said Ashin. “I like the idea of being able to fuck with expectations […] I’m not afraid to sing about sex, but it’s more about the anxieties and frustrations of trying to relate to other people in this world.”


“Play The Drums For Me” – Nicolas Jaar 

One of house music’s most hyped current artists, Nicolas Jaar, released his latest track on Nov. 14. The 21-year-old Chilean-American producer who started making electronic music in 2004 attends Brown University and studies comparative literature. At the age of 17, he made his debut on Wolf + Lamb records and he now has his own label, The Clown & Sunset imprint.

In “Play The Drums For Me,” his use of a steady ethereal beat with a sampled reading of a 13th century Sufi mystic prayer creates a lofty and deep house atmosphere. It is full of anti-religious speech, so Jaar is definitely trying to provoke. This metaphysical track definitely falls in line with his previous work.


“Edie’s Dream” – SUUNS – Images Du Futur

SUUNS are releasing their newest album Images Du Futur, recorded during the winter and spring of 2012 right here in Montreal in March 2013 through Secretly Canadian, an independent record label based in Bloomington, Ind. The young Canadian band recorded the album during the turmoil of the student protest. On Nov. 14, the band debuted the album’s first single “Edie’s Dream” conveying a mellow indie-rock idealistic vibe.

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