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by Saturn De Los Angeles December 4, 2012

1. The Slakadeliqs – “Defective” music video

The Slakadeliqs is the creative offspring of Toronto-based musician Slakah the Beatchild. Grab a dose of this R&B-slash-alternative crossover and it will leave you smiling in no time. Defective, their latest music video off The Other Side of Tomorrow, is narrated in a visually pleasing anime-esque sketch animation that complements The Slakadeliqs’ cozy ambience and acoustic beat. The story is about a boy who finds himself trapped in a mysterious world of doodles until he gets sucked into a black hole. The animation was created by a Russian animator, Qwaqa.

The artists’ home page describes The Other Side of Tomorrow as a blend of live instruments, acoustic guitars, flutes, bells, hand drums and flugelhorns. In an interview with Exclaim! in January, he cites the Zombies, Neil Young, the B-52’s, the Beatles and Lenny Kravitz as the influences for this album. He adds he didn’t wanted to “pigeonhole” himself into just one kind of sound and simply wanted to make music that anyone can relate to.

Listening to each intricately-woven fusion in each song is satisfying to the ear, The Slakadeliqs will give you a musical feast so hard to resist, you will crave more. Whatever song you choose, this album is definitely an audio treat that shouldn’t be missed.


2. Illya Kuryaki & The Valderramas – “Ula Ula”

Love the sound of funk? Adore the riffs of ‘70s rock? How about a dash of Latin to try out? Give Illya Kuryaki & The Valderramas’ Ula Ula a shot. Ula Ula’s groove will make your body move, jump and wiggle. The mood is really party-esque, but classy. The chorus is so catchy, you might find yourself caught off-guard muttering the lyrics unconsciously. The trumpets complement the bass riffs alongside the rapping. Add a layer of a nostalgic visual montage a la Charlie’s Angels, and the music video will feel like a nod to ‘60s cinematography. Fondly known as IKV by fans, the namesake is a portmanteau two known icons – Illya Kuryaki from the ‘60s spy comedy television show called The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and Colombian soccer superstar Carlo Valderrama. IKV are Dante Spinetta and Emmanuel Horvilleur. Dante is the son of Argentine rock star Luis Alberto Spinetta, properly placing IKV of Argentine music royalty. However NPR’s Jasmine Garsd says that they have a strange status in Latin Alternative Rock, explaining that despite even having worked with U.S. funk music legend Bootsy Collins and being loved in the underground music scene, she thinks that they’re not getting the props they are due.


3. Parakeet – “Shonen Hearts” music video

Parakeet is a quirky name for a band, especially one that hails from one of the many holy lands of rock—London. But don’t let the name fool you. A quick spin of their latest clip, Shonen Hearts, and it could take you to headphone nirvana. Directed by UK-based animator Maria Cecilia, the music video illustrates the carefree nature of their music style, shot in old-school 480p. It’s alternative in tone but listening to it is like candy for your ears. The riffs will get your head bobbing, the drums will make you start tapping your feet. Bring out the lovely and hypnotic voice in the background and prepare to get lost in a trance.

Having been touring around the London and beyond, music news site DIY UK talks about the potential of this band as it talks about Parakeet’s individual music backgrounds, “…with experience breeds originality, a sense of what works and what should be avoided. Parakeet’s output to date is 100% pure gold … astounding in the sense that it’s difficult to envisage them being topped by anyone else in the distant future.” Probably one of the most mysterious and fascinating bands to have hit the music UK scene, Parakeet one band to watch in the coming months.

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