Streams of the week

1. “One Way Trigger” by The Strokes

Famous for their lead singer Julian Casablancas’ eccentric style, cryptic lyrics and their signature “futuristic” yet catchy rock/electronic sounds, The Strokes are back with a kickin’ single that has fans hyperventilating in anticipation for the band’s upcoming fifth album. Since the release of their fourth studio album Angles in 2011, The Strokes have been teasing fans with the possibility of new material being available in the coming year. Although rumors were flying regarding the new album, the band only started recording it in April 2012. On Jan. 25, fans got a taste of what they should be expecting with the new album when the band posted “One Way Trigger” onto their website. The new evocative single features Casablancas with newfound falsetto pipes and solidifies the band’s steady digression from the older and grungier New York-based sound that brought them to fame with “Is This It?” and “Room on Fire.” You can listen to “One Way Trigger” and download it for free on the band’s website,


2. Everybody On My Dick Like They Supposed To Be by Paul Banks

Paul Banks, the lead singer, guitarist and songwriter of Interpol, has recently released a hip hop mixtape. The mixtape, which has apparently been in the works for the past nine months, was originally intended to be a promotional tactic for the release of his first solo studio album Banks, released last October. Although Banks received great reviews and media support, Everybody On My Dick Like They Supposed To Be may not. For now, though, it is too soon to speculate what critics might have to say. Banks’ new form of musical expression may be a sign of reinvention or, most probably, boredom. Interpol’s eponymous fourth album released in 2010 saw them on tour with U2 but, since 2011, the band has been on hiatus. Although Banks’ mixtape offers something new and unexpected from such an important indie-rock artist, fans will most likely not forget their longing for the Interpol of yore.


3. “Full of Fire” by The Knife

Swedish musicians Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer, also known as the electronic duo The Knife, have released a 10-minute-long theatrical music video for their latest song “Full of Fire.” Directed by feminist porn creator Marit Osterberg (a paradox if there ever was one), the provocative video stars brother and sister Karin and Olof in what Pitchfork Media describes as “a short film, with an ominous Euro aesthetic and a plot filled with gender-bending, bondage, a demonic house-cleaning session, motorcycle rides, um, a woman pissing in the street, and a lot more.” Although the video has been temporarily taken down due to copyright issues, it is sure to resurface long before The Knife’s newest studio album, Shaking The Habitual, will be released this year.


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