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TOP TEN: Worst albums of 2012

by Andria Caputo January 8, 2013
TOP TEN: Worst albums of 2012

10. Mumford and Sons – Babel 

Not the worst, but definitely the most disappointing album of 2012. Unfortunately Mumford failed to live up to fans’ expectations. Only a handful of songs stand out on this album and very little progress was made from their hit debut, Sigh No More.


9. Muse – 2nd Law 

Muse’s dubstep feel on this album was quite disappointing. They kept some of their original space rock/new prog sound that fans loved on Black Holes and Revelations but 2nd Law had many fans crying out “WHY Matt Bellamy, why???”


8. The Killers – Battle Born 

Battle Born was a big upset compared to Hot Fuss and Sam’s Town. Singer Brandon Flower’s vocals have turned from soft and enchanting to lackluster. The band’s overall new sound was unimpressive.


7. Lana Del Rey – Born To Die 

Del Rey’s whiny vocals and moody lyrics make this album seem more forced than effortless or natural. Her album overall was uninspired and unimpressive and lacked the follow-through needed to deliver a true hit.


6. Fun. – Some Nights 

We all loved their single “We Are Young” but after 20 listens we all got higher than the Empire State and forgot that we knew the whole song by heart. Aside from the fact that the lead singer looks like a Who from Whoville, the band’s talent and image feels stale and rehashed.


5. Cannibal Corpse – Torture 

Anything by Cannibal Corpse is a definite miss. With disgusting lyrics, terrible music and frightening album covers, this band uses the same shock tactics from its last album to the point where critics throw their hands up in air and say “Next!”


4. Maroon 5 – Overexposed 

With “Moves Like Jagger” Maroon 5 took a page out of Ke$ha’s book when it comes to referencing and exploiting musicians their audience base doesn’t know or care about. At this point, the band’s only redeeming quality is lead singer Adam Levine’s striking good looks.


3. Carly Rae Jepsen – Kiss 

It’s impossible not to include this artist when looking back at the worst of 2012. We all suffered brutal torture when “Call Me Maybe” went viral and was played over and over again until our ears were bleeding. Jepsen’s tunes are generic, overused and have no real creativity or lasting power.


2. Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded

Minaj’s sophomore album featured a slew of irritating hip-hop/dance-pop anthems and shallow collaborations. As proved at this year’s American Music Awards, Minaj’s talent as a rap artist is indisputable. Unfortunately this album does not showcase her true talents, especially with songs like “Stupid Hoe”.


1. Madonna – MDNA 

Madonna’s relevance as a musician expired a while ago — three albums ago to be exact. With songs like “Girls Gone Wild”, “ Gang Bang” and “I’m a Sinner”, Madonna has moved past the point of being provocative and entered the realm of “OMG, please shut up.”

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