Weekly mixtape: back to school

The beginning of a new year means resolutions, nightly parties, endless drinking and most importantly, great music to highlight all the moments you never want to forget. Unfortunately, we are now back to the gruesome grind that is school. Our moments of festivities are few and far between as we contemplate our impending future filled with work and study. Thankfully, there’s always music out there to help you cope with the newfound loss of your sweet freedom. Side A of this mixtape includes songs to help you embrace and celebrate the excitement of the new year and Side B includes mellow songs to lessen the blow of going back to school.


SIDE A: Celebrating


1. “Cassius” – Foals – Antidote

2. “Wraith” – Peace – Single

3. “Set It Off” – Girl Talk – Feed the Animals

4. “All Black (White Tie Affair Remix)” – Good Charlotte feat. Mat Devine – Greatest Remixes

5. “Free” – Graffiti6 – Colours

6. “Young Americans” – The Cure – Single

7. “Empathy” – Crystal Castles – (II)

8. “20 Dollar” – M.I.A. – Kala

9. “Machine Gun” – Portishead – Third

10. “Tighten Up” – Black Keys – Brothers



SIDE B: Mellowing out


11. “Between Two Points” – The Glitch Mob feat. Swan – Single

12. “Lay Your Cards Out” – POLIÇA – Give You The Ghost

13. “Heroes” – David Bowie – Low

14. “Tessellate” – Alt-J – An Awesome Wave

15. “Never Fade Away” – Spector – Enjoy It While It Lasts

16. “Sometimes” – My Bloody Valentine – Loveless

17. ”Music To Walk Home By” – Tame Impala – Lonerism

18. “Tangled Up In Blue” – Bob Dylan – Blood On The Tracks

19. “You and Whose Army?” – Radiohead – Amnesiac

20. “Girls Like You” – The Naked and Famous – Passive Me, Aggressive You  

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