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Lady Gaga lights up the Bell Centre

by Robin Della Corte February 16, 2013
Lady Gaga lights up the Bell Centre

The words “Gaga” echoed throughout the nearly sold-out show over and over again moments before Lady Gaga made her appearance onstage at the Bell Centre.

Having been to her last concert, I expected a change from The Born This Way Ball, which is exactly what I got.

The thing that pleased me about this show was that during her two and a half hour performance, she performed songs from all three of her albums, and not just from her newest album Born This Way.

Gaga entered the stage on what seemed to be a real horse but turned out to be a fake one with two people inside controlling it – talk about an original entrance.

Her stage consisted of a huge castle, and a runway that went more than halfway onto the floor area, allowing her to interact with fans.

The castle and the runway were perfect to use during songs, especially during the song “Love Game”, when Gaga came up just a few feet away from the crowd, smoking a cigarette, and lying down singing.

As many would have predicted, her costumes and controversy – such as insinuating oral sex with her dancers during “Government Hooker” – brought much more entertainment to the show.

Her opening costume was the highlight of all her clothing. To get a good idea of what her outfit was, imagine tight black nylon covered in sparkles with metal silver wings attached to her sides, and a cage-like headpiece. In other words, a fashionable alien.

It is quite evident that the 26-year-old singer has a strong relationship with her fans since throughout the night she would interact with them. Gaga even invited four lucky fans onstage to sing her final encore song “Marry The Night”.

Her energy is what kept her devoted fans up and jumping throughout the entire night. The show altogether flowed like a the circus, with top-notch singing and dancing.

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Enzo Della Corte February 16, 2013 - 19:33

very well written Robin, as we all know today, she’s suffering from hip complications. to think the queen diva was touring night after night with a very seriouse condition, she’s a warrior, I believe montreal is important to gaga and I think she knew she would end her tour in montreal.

Ralph Della Corte February 16, 2013 - 21:00

lady gaga. is the female alice cooper  she brings  a show with her songs ..good for her and she realy does sing


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