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Joe Goddard (Hot Chip) DJ set – Thursday, Feb. 7

Twenty seconds into Joe Goddard’s “Gabriel” and his role in the infamous dance-pop collective Hot Chip becomes clear; he’s the magic man. When Hot Chip released “Ready For the Floor” five years ago, a YouTube-baby-phenomenon surfaced. The heavily produced track is laced with beats so simple and infectious that the choreography is instinctive.

Goddard is the sound that makes your shoulders tick, hips swing and end it all in a wild body flail — complete with hands in the air. But he doesn’t have a lot of time to spare. Goddard’s a father of two, been seen in studio with Mercury Prize-nominated Jessie Ware and still touring with Hot Chip in support of their critically acclaimed 2012 release, In Our Heads.

Catch him while you can.

Trial track: “Gabriel” – Joe Goddard ft. Valentina


Joy Orbison – Saturday, Feb. 8

Peter O’Grady — better known by stage name Joy Orbison — was thrust into London’s  electronic dance scene on a remarkably high note. His debut single “Hyph Mngo” was voted #1 in Fact Magazine’s top tracks of 2009, one of NME’s New Music Tips of 2010 and called one of the most ‘forward thinking dubstep’ tracks by several publications, including Pitchfork.

Four years later and he still has not released a full record, just singles on vinyl, an EP and several remixes. But he’s no one hit wonder; its quality over quantity. O’Grady is busy crafting his own genre of electronica and all that he produces seems to meet critical acclaim. Like most house music, his tracks rely on one isolated vocal at its centre to carry the listener through several movements full of deep, pulsating drum and bass.

O’Grady has safely nestled his way into the middle ground of electronica; Joy Orbison’s got something for everyone on the dance floor.

Trial track: “Ellipsis” – Joy Orbison


ONEMAN – Saturday, Feb. 8

Very few DJs are artists. Most of them are music lovers with a Macbook, turntable and one overwhelming ego. ONEMAN, Steve Bishop, is the exception. Bishop melds his own beats with samples of old and new, from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony to the instrumental from Kanye and Twista’s “Overnight Celebrity.” He plays with his infatuations and makes them into something entirely different — this is old-school ‘90s house-dubstep.

ONEMAN’s Facebook page has almost 14,000 likes and his month-old remix of The xx’s “Chained” already has more than 11,000 plays, but he’s yet to release a physical record. Bishop has found himself among the U.K.’s biggest dubstep DJs, even opening for SBTRKT. Despite this success, the Internet is his preferred platform and the mixtape his weapon of choice.

Trial track: “Chained” – The xx [ONEMAN 119 House Edit]



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