Top 10 Red Hot Chili Peppers Music Videos

10. “Fight like a Brave”

This video is arguably the band’s cheesiest. It includes everything from the band driving around Los Angeles in a convertible, to them playing in a dark room with both the walls and their bodies covered in glow-in-the-dark paint. What’s not to love?

9. “The Zephyr Song”

This video is just as trippy as the song; it features the band playing in front of a green screen with dozens of random images being projected onto it. The whole video kind of feels like a colourful Rorschach test, but is perfectly in tune with the psychedelic nature of the song.

8. “Californication”

Here we have the band featured as shirtless characters in a video game, complete with awful ‘90s graphics and a sweet soundtrack. This music video made fans around the world wait in vain for the release of the Californication video game.

7. “Look Around”

This recent video showcases each of the band members’ individual personalities. Filmed in one continuous shot, the guys are each in a separate room doing whatever the hell they feel like doing; bassist Flea dances around with his girlfriend while Anthony Kiedis plays with his son and his dog. All-around good times.

6. “Scar Tissue”

In this video, the band is driving down a desert highway, completely covered in blood and bruises: Kiedis’ ear looks he got into it with Mike Tyson while Chad Smith’s head is completely bandaged up. Bruised and beaten, the band nonchalantly keeps on driving down the


5. “Dani California”

Here we have the band performing on stage while dressed as musicians from different periods in rock’n’roll history: from The Beatles to Nirvana, the guys pull off every wig and tacky outfit that’s thrown at them.

4. “Desecration Smile”

In one of the rare videos where Kiedis keeps his shirt on, the band plays on a mountain top. They genuinely look like four longtime friends who have been through hell together. Things get emotional for Flea and he even sheds a tear, even making RHCP haters go “Awe!”

3. “By The Way”

Here, Kiedis gets into a cab with a driver who turns out to be a crazed super fan. He kidnaps Kiedis and endlessly drives him around LA. Finally, John Frusciante and Flea come to his rescue and all is well for the guys, except for Smith, who unknowingly gets into the cab next with the psycho driver.

2. “Can’t Stop”

Absolutely nothing here makes any sense at all; Kiedis is dressed as a metallic tent and Flea is wearing a purple hippo’s head. None of this really matters, though, because we just can’t help but love every single second of it.

1. “Give it Away”

In true RHCP fashion, this video also makes little sense. The guys are half naked, completely covered in metallic paint and are dancing around in the desert as if they’ve all just taken way too many pills. “Give it Away” is at number one because of how amazingly weird and fun the entire video is.

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