ASFA elections end predictably

The annual general elections for the Arts and Science Federation of Associations wrapped up last week following three days of voting in which all candidates ran unopposed for the 2013-14 academic year.

Following a tally of the votes, all candidates were declared winners for their positions and will take them on the following academic year.

Despite initial competition during campaigning, some candidates dropped out for various reasons leaving only a single candidate in each position. Crystal Harrison, a candidate for VP academic Loyola, dropped out of the race to run as as a candidate for VP Loyola for the Concordia Student Union.

Justin Occhionero, the newly elected VP external and sustainability, told The Concordian that he was not surprised when he found himself running uncontested. He cited student apathy as an issue, but said that he hopes to use his position to reach out to students and increase participation.

“Concordia has so much more to offer than just going to class,” he said. “There is a whole other world at our university that the majority of our students should but don’t know about.”

Occhionero also said that in his time as VP external and sustainability he hopes to improve ASFA’s bylaws and also improve communication between ASFA and groups such as the CSU and the Fédération étudiante universitaire du Québec.

“It is important that the rights and needs of arts and science students are properly represented at all levels of student governance,” he said. “This can be achieved by consistently communicating with other student unions and hopefully collaborating with them on new campaigns and events.”

Upcoming ASFA executives:
Paul Jerajian – President
Justin Occhionero – VP external and sustainability
Sean Nolan – VP social candidate
TingLi Lucia Lorigiano – VP academic and Loyola
Francis Boyer – VP internal
Anne-Sophie Grenier – VP finance
Stéphanie Gagnon-Laberge – VP communications


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