Batter up at Brit & Chips

Photo by Rae Pellerin

Brit & Chips, with its cartoon fish jumping out of a Union Jack logo, pays homage to traditional chippy shops in Britain by serving up the staple dish of fish and fries. I know fish isn’t for everyone but it is hard to argue that fried food isn’t good food. When it comes to Brit & Chips, it definitely hurts to be health conscious because that would mean missing out not only on the wide range of savoury fish, but the variety of innovative, unique batters.

The cod was moist, not too salty and cooked perfectly, encased in a Burgundy Lion batter that was light, puffy and melted in your mouth.

Photo by Rae Pellerin

The salmon with Guinness batter did not disappoint either, and was a great balance of textures for the flaky fish with its crunchy coating.

What tied this delicious meal together was the sweet flavour of the tartar sauce which complemented both the fish and fries.

The short-cut fries brought in more of a Quebec flavour and style, but still no objection. Nothing paired better than the Fullers London Pride beer. This smooth pale ale, suggested by the waitress, was the best choice of the night. I tend not to venture too much with beer for fear of not liking it, but this was a winner and helped cut the grease of the fish ‘n’ chips with impeccable grace.

Other nibbles on the menu that looked mouth watering were the tandoori popcorn chicken, and haddock in a maple syrup batter, which upon my second visit are sure to be picked. Not to mention the lists of extras offering half portions of fish, pickled onions, scotch egg and the option to deep fry anything for $3.50!

Brit & Chips is located on 433 McGill St. and 5536A Côte-des-Neiges Rd. (Photo by Rae Pellerin)

The combination of Led Zeppelin playing in the background and the food served atop a sheet of newspaper gave the whole place a really cool vibe.  Its casual tone and affordable prices ranging between $5 and $15 makes this place perfect for a student’s palate and pocket.

However, it seems that Brit & Chips may have bigger fish to fry when the Côte-des-Neiges Rd. location recently received a visit from the Office québécois de la langue française. The restaurant was issued a letter demanding a change in certain menu listings and a switch their window decal from “fish and chips” to  “poisson frit & frites.”

Owner Toby Lyle told CTV he “can’t comply with this because it will literally kill [his] business” and went on to explain that he understands the “reason for the law, but if laws like this exist to wipe out businesses it is the exact opposite of what the government should be doing.”

Montreal may be in a language upheaval but Montrealers are resilient, especially when it comes to their appetite. English signs or French signs, none of that takes away from the delicious, finger licking fish ‘n’ chips that will surely leave you satisfied.

 Brit & Chips is located on 433 McGill St. and 5536A Côte-des-Neiges Rd.

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