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New Music Canada: KAPRI

by Keith Race March 19, 2013
New Music Canada: KAPRI

Shoot it. Throw it online. Wait and see how people react. Online publishing platforms like Youtube and Facebook are putting success into the hands of talented and motivated individuals. I got to watch the process as KAPRI, singer-turned-art-director, danced and sang for the making of her new music video, “Jake Sully,” which she also co-directed.

I sat down and spoke with KAPRI about the video and life as a performing artist in general. Apparently she’s been busy, to nobody’s surprise. As an independent artist, she’s taken on a lot and has been going strong for a year and a half.

KAPRI – By Keith Race

“It’s been a short time. A very short space of time. I’m really pushing things,” she said. “The way the world is with social media, you have to move fast. Our audience has a very short attention span and is a wider audience. There are so many of us trying to do the same thing now, so you’ve got to keep moving. Have to keep moving!” she explained, smiling and snapping her fingers for emphasis.

“Now you’re really on your own,” she continued. “Put out your Youtube videos, let’s gauge how many hits you get and then we’ll sign you. Obviously it’s not that easy, but that’s what they’re looking for now . . . And that is such a benefit for a lot of people who don’t have the financial means to do it. You can get a camera, create covers and do it yourself.”

Though she’s about as independent as it comes, KAPRI has intentions, or at least hopes, that her determination will score her a chance to experience the benefits of working with a more traditional label.

“I’m working on my online presence because I’m not the biggest fan of Twitter and Facebook and fan pages and everything . . . I would love to work with [a label] and a team and we start something from the ground up and we build,” she said.

While everyone in every profession would love a bigger budget, KAPRI seems quite adept at inspiring others and creating original works with very limited resources. The designer clothing and much of the team’s time were volunteered in the making of the video, and the project was entirely self-funded.

There is one exception to the one-woman-production: her producer.

“Dan Vallen. He’s working as my producer,” said KAPRI. “I write and come up with the melodies; I’ll hum them and he is the one person who knows how to translate my crazy thoughts into music. He is amazing, so talented and I am so happy that I found him. Really it is the two of us. We are a team.”

It was a day of choreographed dancing, wardrobe changes, racks and racks and racks of clothing and even a little bondage. The entire video took place on a 12-by-14-foot infinity wall. Two massive lights blaring towards the ceiling highlighted the action. KAPRI herself was split between performing in front of camera and the organization that surrounded it. She spoke with her co-director between takes, getting one scene finished and another established. As busy a day as it was, the mood was relaxed; everyone was running but there was plenty of time found for laughter.

“The dynamic of everyone on set that day was just so strong,” she said. “It was like everyone wanted to be there. I wanted to open the doors at this beautiful studio and just invite everyone to see what’s going on. I could feel it, literally magic was happening.”


The video is slated for release this April and you can find more about KAPRI on her website at www.kaprimusic.com.



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