Top 10 themes from iconic video games

10. Pacman

You’re a miniature yellow blob trying to get by in a dark maze of black and blue. All you wanna do is eat, eat, eat but you got creepy monsters chasing after you! The goofy interlude stands as an out-cue for an adventure that will make you run for your life!


9. Street Fighter

Choose your character and go mash those buttons hard with fury. Kick, punch, hit. Pull off a 1-2 combo. Multiple rounds, sudden death, free for all. FIGHT! Each “fighter” has its own theme track and the music used in every battle brings that irresistible adrenaline rush.


8. Wipeout

A neo-futuristic environment of lights, concrete buildings and steel tracks donned with gorgeously designed race pods. The succulent trance music will hit you, too. The WipEout series has a hidden musical treasure you can’t afford to miss, mixing aesthetics with trippy music.



7. Tetris

There goes one block, another block, and one more falling down on you. Align and turn them into never ending straight lines. The entertaining yet mind-boggling (and at times annoying) 8-bit tune that accompanies is the Soviet’s best export: the widely respected puzzle-game, Tetris.



6. Sonic the Hedgehog

When you‘re the world’s fastest hedgehog, what do you do when your worst enemy is on a mission to take over the world? The Sonic Adventure series on the Sega Dreamcast platform was known to carry rock music during gameplay and it was something that fans mourned when the platform folded in the early ‘00s.



5. Assassin’s Creed

When you suddenly get kidnapped unknowingly, technology brings you to a world a thousand years back. You’re on a mission to hunt people in order to regain your ancestor’s tainted honour. The mysterious and eerie music amplifies the intensity of the gameplay found in Assassin’s Creed, Montreal’s pride and glory.


4. Super Mario

You have a simple mission — walk outside, collect some stars and get some mushrooms. Oh, and don’t forget to save Princess Peach while keeping your day job as a plumber. The folks who made the game in the early ‘80s made your adventure easy for you. Don’t forget to thank them.



3. Final Fantasy

One-on-one duel. You’ve got no time to waste. May the best fighter win and may you revel in the iconic melody that celebrates the sweet taste of victory. Remixed for decades, the encounter between you and your enemy invokes the iconic battle theme for the long-running role-playing game series, Final Fantasy.



2. The Legend of Zelda

You’re a blonde-haired kid on a quest. Walking in dungeons, fighting monsters and solving puzzles to save the world and, Princess Zelda, of course. The music is what hardcore players call the anthem of video games, composed by legendary game musician Koji Kondo. Remember the N64 Ocarina of Time? There you go.


1. Pokemon

You walk in tall grass. You encounter a wild creature. You have six pocket-sized monsters on you. Which one will you choose to save you? The battle theme in Pokemon, since its inception in 1995, might as well represent the core essence and joie-de-vivre of the entire Pokemon game series — the battle that every trainer encounters, and the accomplishment in savouring victory.


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