It’s more than just a beauty contest

On May 25, in Toronto, a new Miss Universe Canada will be crowned and could possibly be Concordia student, Lara Mackenzie. In a recent interview with Mackenzie, we were able to get a little insight into the life of a Miss Universe Canada contestant. This is her first pageant ever. She applied last year when she returned to Montreal after completing an internship in New York.

She is one of eight contestants in the competition from Quebec and is being sponsored by Ideal Body, IDM Landscapes, and Tres Chic Styling.

When asked how it felt to be one of the 60 total contestants in the competition she said it is “a little nerve-wracking and overwhelming, but exciting.” Competitors have to compete with each other in four categories: swimsuit, evening gown, personal interview and fundraising.

Mackenzie has a lot on her plate; along with her course load, Mackenzie also has to find sponsors to support her during the competition, which she says is “like applying for a job all the time.”

Another aspect of the competition is creating a fundraiser for one of two organizations: SOS Children Village Canada and Operation Smile. SOS is a non-profit organization that raises money for neglected and abandoned children and orphans, as well as disadvantaged families. Operation Smile is a volunteer-based medical charity that provides free cleft surgeries for children all over the world. Mackenzie chose to create a fundraiser for Operation Smile and is organizing it at her old elementary school. Her previous charity work has been with the SPCA and the Women’s Optimus Club.

When it comes to why Mackenzie wanted to be a part of Miss Universe Canada, there were several reasons. She wanted to try something new that involved stepping out of her comfort zone. If she wins the title she wants to put it to good use. She would like to promote the prevention of cruelty to animals, something she is very passionate about.

The Miss Universe Canada competition will be broadcasted on May 25 from Toronto. Be sure to watch and vote for Lara as she competes.



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