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Quickspin- Light Company

by Jenna Monney-Lupert April 7, 2013
Quickspin- Light Company

 The Boy Who Sat on Ocean Floors (Slaughterhouse754; 2013)


Light Company’s five-track debut EP is nothing short of an emotional rollercoaster.

Hailing from Peterborough, Ont. the four-piece post-rock band generates a blend of bombastic soundscapes that surge and fade relentlessly. Their songs range from a breathy Sigur Rós-esque intro to a colourfully-layered instrumental track reminiscent of Explosions in the Sky.

The track “The Boy Who Sat on Ocean Floors” is like an endless daydreaming journey that ends drastically with a cataclysmic wave of what can only be described as a euphoric burst of organized chaos.

Unlike the track, “Giants & Hammers”, where vocal harmonies are weaker, “Each to a Grain” is one of the strongest pieces on the EP, leading with clear guitar sounds, a wide range of vocal harmonies, hypnotizing bass lines and infectious drum beats.

Even though you may not get hooked the first time you listen to it, chances are you’ll quickly find yourself subconsciously ditching your homework to go back to take another listen.



Trial track: “The Cellist of Sarajevo”


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