Top 10 Songs by The Strokes

10. “Someday”

The band gets nostalgic on this one. “Someday” provides the perfect soundtrack for that unforgettable summer day and embodies that signature Strokes sound we all know and love.


9. “Evening Sun”

Arguably one of their most romantic songs. Julian Casablancas’ sexy raspy vocals stand out in this rare Strokes ballad.


8. “Take it or Leave It”

Things get rowdy in the Is This It closer. Fabrizio Moretti pounds away at the drums, the rest of the boys wail on their guitars while Casablancas rocks the mic, leaving us all hopped up on musical magic.


7. “I’ll Try Anything Once”

Released as a demo, “I’ll Try Anything Once” is good enough to make it onto any record. Its raw, grainy sound and honest lyrics can melt even the hardest of hearts.


6. “Heart in a Cage”

For many, The Strokes are at their best when Casablancas is belting out his deepest vocals. This single off First Impressions of Earth hooks us with its aggressive opening riff and has us hypnotized all the way through.


5. “Life is Simple in the Moonlight”

This dreamy track off Angles brings back Casablancas’ signature muffled vocals but with a haunting new backdrop, making “Life is Simple in the Moonlight” arguably the most memorable track on the record.


4. “The Modern Age”

With pounding drums, face-melting guitar riffs and Casablancas’ semi-inaudible vocals, “The Modern Age” stands out in an album full of great tracks.


3. “You Only Live Once”

The original (and greatest) YOLO. This fun, upbeat track just screams good times. It showcases the band’s youthful energy while exploring new creative territory. The album itself received mixed reviews, but to die-hard Strokers it doesn’t really matter because, well…YOLO.


2. “Trying Your Luck”

This little gem off their first album was never released as a single, but was definitely more than worthy. Casablancas’ song writing skills are matched perfectly with guitarist Albert Hammond Jr.’s solo halfway through the track. This song is almost TOO good.


1. “Reptilia”

From the mesmerizing opening chords to the closing ones, “Reptilia” is pure Strokes genius. The song showcases each of the members’ talent in one intense banging track that makes us want to move, jump and scream our lungs out.

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