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Graphic by Jenny Kwan
For Concordia’s official social media initiatives you can head over here to find links for the social sites you use the most: Graphic by Jenny Kwan

Connecting to Concordia is easier than you may think but with so many pages, websites and platforms, it’s hard to know where to start. Concordia has made a number of efforts in recent years to keep students connected through the web and social media. There are more ways than ever to easily access information about events, seminars, workshops, clubs and volunteer opportunities in and around the university.

Concordia journalism student Andy Fidel feels the web is one of the best ways for university groups to communicate with students.
“It’s so easy to just click ‘retweet’ or ‘share’ and it works,” she said. “Like at Queer Concordia, we made posters and advertised our events around both campuses but the best way to reach out was online. That’s why, this year, we will have a website.”
Fidel also notes that while Concordia’s official web and social media initiatives have been a great source of news for her, she has had less luck learning about events before they actually happen.
Here are some suggestions for how you can stay connected to the Concordia community online:
Concordia’s website[a] is really the first place you should start. Anything you need to know about the university can be found here. Most importantly, students should check on a regular basis. It’s here that you can access anything from your schedule, grades, student account balance to special messages and even locker rentals and renewals.
For Concordia’s official social media initiatives you can head over here to find links for the social sites you use the most: Choose any of the social media options and you will find information on university news and special events such as orientation activities.
If you’re looking to get in touch with volunteer opportunities in and around Concordia, the Concordia LIVE Centre has a webpage ( and Facebook page to keep you in the loop.
Some of the biggest student groups and faculty associations also have pages on Facebook such as the CSU, the Concordia Student Union; FASA, the Fine Arts Student Alliance; and ASFA, the Arts and Science Federation of Associations. Simply enter the name of the student group or association into the search bar. You can also find other clubs or student groups you may want to be involved in by searching them through Facebook. Queer Concordia, for example, is a great resource for Concordia’s LGBTQ community.
There are also some Concordia-related Facebook pages that are just for fun. Spotted At Concordia is inspired by Craigslist’s famous missed connections. It’s where students who spotted someone who piqued their interest on campus can leave anonymous messages.

Of course, Twitter can be a best friend for any student using a smartphone. If you follow @concordia, you’ll receive up-to-the-minute news on anything from sports tryouts, new research or special events for students.
For those who are hooked on Instagram, Concordia’s @concordiauniversity account will keep you on top of the people, spaces and events that make Concordia unique. It’s a great way to explore student life through pictures.

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