That other kind of club

Under the Concordia Student Union’s umbrella, more than 50 clubs and associations are given license to create subcommunities for students, cultivating a more rewarding, and certainly a more fun, university experience. Many of these clubs focus on the arts so be on the lookout for these booths during the Clubs Fair on Sept. 12.
Concordia Music Club: You need not be part of the music department to get tuned in this year. Take part in their organized jam sessions, open mics and other forms of musical endeavours with fellow student musicians.

Concordia Starcraft Community: Let’s get rid of the gamer stereotype, shall we? This club is front and centre when it comes to promoting the university’s and Montreal’s e-sport culture, so get ready for competition and real-time strategy.

Journalists for Human Rights: Use your pen for good this year as a member of JHR, and promote social awareness. Write articles and editorials addressing local and international issues and give voice to those who have none.

Uberculture Concordia: Ever leafed through Adbusters and appreciated their in-your-face stance? Uberculture Concordia is your local answer to the magazine and to the movement. Get involved in campaigns, guerilla theatrics and promote independent art and media.

Concordia Mechanicals: Thespians, gather round. Write, produce or perform with the Mechanicals and bring your collective creations to life on stage.
Otaku Anime of Concordia University: Whether you know what an otaku is or not, this group welcomes all. Attend their free bi-weekly anime film screenings, browse through their extensive Manga collection and take part in Otakuthon and Anime North.


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