Upcoming albums – Fall 2013

Fall 2013 has quite a few surprises in store for audiophiles this year. Amid the over-hyped releases by Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, you’ll find quite a few under-publicized gems worth checking out.
1. AM – Arctic Monkeys
The Sheffield city quartet has come out with a new sound that old fans will either love or hate. Their first single off AM, “Do I Wanna Know?” about an unrequited love is impossible to resist. Lead singer Alex Turner’s vocals paired with Matt Helders’ drums – nicknamed the Rhythm Panther – make for an unforgettable fall hit that will leave you breathless. The follow-up single titled “Why Do You Only Call Me When You’re High?” is less about romance and more about lust but manages to deliver with an unexpectedly funky and hypnotic chorus. The rest of the album comes out on Sept. 9.
2. AHJ – Albert Hammond Jr.
Albert Hammond Jr, best known as the guitarist for the Strokes, is releasing his third solo album on his bandmate Julian Casablancas’ label Cult Records on Oct. 8. It is often said that quality trumps quantity and this is certainly the case with AHJ. With only five tracks on the album, Hammond Jr. gives it his all with songs such as “Carnal Cruise” and “Rude Customer.” Although a single has yet to be released, the fact that the album was produced by Gus Oberg, who has previously worked with The Strokes, should provide a clue as to what the songs will sound like.
The New York electronic duo is about to release their self-titled third album MGMT. “Your Life is a Lie” is the only song that has been released so far, and it is exactly the psychedelic other-worldly jam you would expect from them. With a loud cowbell clashing throughout, their single hints at the direction of the rest of the album. Andrew VanWyngarden and Benjamin Goldwasser have not strayed too far from their roots with MGMT and fans of their previous albums will not be disappointed on Sept. 17.
4.The Bones of What You Believe – CHVRCHES
Pronounced “Churches,” this Glasgow band is releasing their first album The Bones of What You Believe on Sept. 23. In “Gun,” lead singer Lauren Mayberry’s sugary sweet voice is laid over synthetic-heavy beats, making this song an original and an exciting listen. “Lies” packs a heavier punch but both songs are equally worth listening to. CHVRCHES is set to explode on the alternative music stage so grab your copies as soon as you can.
5. Days are Gone – Haim
Haim is relatively new to the game, with their first album Days are Gone coming out Sept. 27. Made up of three sisters from L.A, they have drawn inevitable comparisons to Fleetwood Mac, due to their folksy sound and flowing hair. If Stevie Nicks is not necessarily your cup of tea, do not be deterred because these girls are one-of-a-kind. The buzz surrounding their debut album should be more than enough to pique your interest. Their songs range from pop hits to more mellow tunes but they always provide a more than danceable beat.


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