A taste of Montreal’s 2013 ComicCon

Photo by Alex Melki.

Montreal’s ComicCon has grown tremendously over the past few years. From a once dinky collection of booths, it has become a massive convention with more than a few things to keep attendees entertained for hours.

The three-day geek culture convention brings together one of Montreal’s massive communities. There are over two- dozen booths filled with comic book artists who are ready to draw up an original piece on the spot, or for a lesser price, you can purchase a high quality print instead. These guys and gals are fantastic at what they do, and watching them work is a real treat.

Photo by Alex Melki.

You can buy anything from your favourite TV show/video game/movie, from comic books, to t-shirts, to figurines. Here’s a tip: withdraw some cash and spend only that. The temptation to dish out cash for some unique collectibles is a strong one.

Sony was on the scene as well, with live demos of their upcoming PS4 next-gen gaming console, and if the wait to play wasn’t 45 minutes, I might’ve even tried it out!

One pet peeve I’ve always had with ComicCon however is that while celebrity attendance is always a crowd pleaser, you can’t even walk up, talk to, or photograph celebrity guests unless you’re paying for an autograph/picture. Which will run you about $40 or more. Sure it would be awesome to meet Lou Feriggno (The Incredible Hulk), Christopher Lloyd (Back to The future) , and George Takei (Star Trek), but not at the cost of being broke. Yet one actor, Jason Mewes of Jay and Silent Bob fame, was present and was not shy of the camera.

Doctor Who fans were able to take a picture next to the famed TARDIS, Star Wars fans witnessed Darth Vader and entourage making the rounds on the convention floor, and Ghostbuster enthusiasts could have their photo taken with the Ectomobile. All in all, there is something for everyone.

But the best part of ComicCon is, and always has been the cosplay. Cosplay, is simply an abbreviation for “Costume play” and involves dressing up as a fictional or non-fictional character. Basically it’s Halloween! And some of the work these cosplayers put into their costumes is extraordinary.

So here is a taste of what Montreal’s ComicCon has to offer!

All photos by writer.

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