Concordia students are encouraged to join in the search for the hungriest campus

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Twenty-five universities will be going stomach-to-stomach this week as round one for the search to find the hungriest students across the country begins.

Twenty-five universities will be going stomach-to-stomach this week as round one for the search to find the hungriest students across the country begins. Press photo

JUST-EAT Canada, the online takeaway food delivery service and the organizer of the competition, “likes to do things a little differently from most consumer brands,” said Luke Sheehan, marketing director at The idea was conceived over lunch when one of the interns made a bet that she could eat an entire pizza in two minutes. This led to the launch of the first ever Campus Chompionship. “[We thought] it would be a lot fun to discover who Canada’s best student eater was, and the extreme lengths they would go to prove it,” said Sheehan.

Sheehan joined JUST-EAT in January 2011 in the UK and moved to Canada the following year to lead the marketing team. Sheehan’s a competitor himself. Nicknamed “The Intestinator,”, he was born into a life of food; his mother went into labour whilst queuing for shawarma and he says that since then he “has feasted at every available opportunity.” Sheehan and Takeru Kobayashi, a Japanese major league eater who holds several records, will be among the judges.

This ‘chompionship’ is no joke, but a highly organized three round competition. Surviving the post-contest tummy ache may not be easy, but joining is a piece of cake. Students create a profile on and collect as many votes as possible. Sheehan suggests campaigning to your student body to get them to support you.

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Round two is titled “Video Showdown” in which 25 semi-finalists will be challenged to create a 60-second video for YouTube. The five person judging panel will then look for and grade the following criteria: the desire to compete, a visually compelling video, and the innovative use of takeout food.

On Oct. 28, semi-finalists will head to Toronto to compete against each other, and special guest Kobayashi, in a three minute eating competition. “The hungriest finalist — that is, the one who consumes the highest number of square cheese pizza slices — will win bragging rights as the 2013 Campus Chompion and $25,000 in prizes,” explained Sheehan.

“Not only does the prizing benefit the entire student population,” said Sheehan, “the competition drives friendly rivalry amongst schools.” A cheque for $5,000 will be presented to the winner and the affiliated university will win $20,000 worth of prizes delivered to the campus by a JUST-EAT truck over five days in November.

 JUST-EAT invites Concordia students with an appetite to join in. It’s a fun way to earn cash and a possible opportunity to beef up your resume with a 2013 Campus Chompion title. Visit for more information.

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