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Music in the News – Week of September 10, 2013

by Jessica Romera September 10, 2013
Music in the News – Week of September 10, 2013

No more “Wonderwall”?

Contestants on the British version of The X Factor have supposedly been banned from covering Oasis songs during auditions and throughout the competition. The newest addition to the judges’ panel will be Canadian pop star Nicole Appleton who is rumoured to be separating from husband Liam Gallagher, a member of the British rock band. The couple have supposedly ended their five year marriage after rumours circulated that Gallagher had fathered a child with an American journalist. Current judge Louis Walsh has asked contestants not to perform any Oasis songs in order to appease Appleton, who joined the panel after Kelly Osbourne backed out at the last minute.

Tupac: The Musical

Soon fans of Tupac Shakur might be able to see the late rapper’s life unfold on stage in the form of a Broadway musical. The Wall Street Journal reported that the task is being undertaken by stage director Kenny Leon. Instead of solely focusing on the rapper’s short life, the musical will have a strong “anti-violence message,” according to the Journal. Shakur was gunned down in Las Vegas in May of 1996, an event that unwittingly changed the face of rap and hip hop.

Kanye criticized for performing in Kazakhstan

Kanye West gave an exclusive and intimate wedding performance in Kazakhstan for the grandson of the nation’s authoritarian president, Nursultan Nazarbayev, at the end of August. West has since been criticized by human rights organizations for performing in the Central Asian country because its authoritarian leader has been accused of perpetuating human rights violations throughout his rule. Previously in 2011, Sting cancelled a performance in Kazakhstan after discovering that several people had died in an oil strike crackdown. West has made no comment on the matter thus far.


Daft Punk interview dance off

Would-be employees at a local Welsh branch of Currys were forced to compete in a dance off with each other as part of the interview process. The interviewees danced to Daft Punk’s classic tune “Around The World.” Upset and humiliated, a university graduate who took part in the dance off spoke out against the UK electronics chain saying that  “it was like a scene out of The Office,” according to The Mirror. A spokesperson from Currys has since released a statement apologizing to the applicants and has offered them another shot at an interview, this time without any dancing.


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