Comedians and booze make for the best of parties

Every episode mixes scripted storylines with real stand-up, and features an exciting lineup of up-and-coming talent. Press photo

Playing the quintessential narcissistic jerk, pushing the buttons of his director, insulting his guests and always trying to play the badass, Adam Devine stars in Comedy Central’s newest TV show, Adam Devine’s House Party.

Every episode mixes scripted storylines with real stand-up, and features an exciting lineup of up-and-coming talent. Press photo

The eight-episode season is expected to wow viewers when Devine (known for his role as Adam DeMamp on Workaholics) gets free rein of a Los Angeles estate and throws massive parties.

Of course, things immediately go awry as Devine’s favourite comedians stop by for a drink (or two) and conduct stand-up performances on stage. It’s your quintessential silly-meets-comedy kind of entertainment show.

In the premiere, aptly titled “Ex-Girlfriend,” any expectation of Devine being that cool/sensitive/awesome party-host is shattered. Devine smashes a beer bottle over his head and welcomes guests with an overbearingly excited attitude. During the rest of the episode, Devine’s head is draped in a bloody bandage as he unsuccessfully hits on his ex-girlfriend who arrives accompanied by one of Devine’s friends.

The premiere sets the tone for the entire series: this show is about wasting money. Big time.

The absurdity of the show is highlighted when Devine tells the camera, “I don’t know how I convinced Comedy Central to give me another show, a Hollywood mansion and a paycheck for hanging out with friends. I hope they have a good lawyer and the fire department on speed dial.”

That said, the comedy is what makes the show work. In a nutshell, this is how the show functions: Between brief episodes where Devine humiliates himself at his frat party, three stand-up comedians take to the mic. All in all, 24 of Devine’s funniest comic friends will be featured on the show.

In the first episode, comedians Ahmed Bharoocha, Andrew Santino and Barry Rothbart take the stand, while Liza Treyger, Josh Rabinowitz and Sean Donnelly draw out laughs in the second episode. Joke themes range from dolphin rape to Chicago accents. Watch out.

Things get interesting as Devine discards (for the moment) his ostentatious attitude and gets a group of ten-year-olds to clean up his house. When he orders them into a file, Devine hands out “badges” made of “trash” (pictures of garbage and the like). It’s hard not to laugh at the expression on the girls’ faces. When the girls request beer, Devine grimaces, exclaiming, “You’re ten years old … and you have never tried beer?” The episode concludes with the girls getting very drunk on beer and smashing bottles over each others’ heads.

The whole thing can at first appear grating and annoying (just how fun is it really to watch people getting drunk, at least when sober?) but chances are the show will thrive thanks to the stand-up comedians and Devine’s sassy attitude. If anything, the show will give you a sound break from studying.

Adam Devine’s House Party premiered on Oct. 24 on Comedy Central, and runs every Thursday night at 12.30 am.


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