From our kitchen: Broken Glass Jell-O — zombie edition!

Photo by Casandra De Masi
Photo by Casandra De Masi

Here is what you need:

 – 4 packs of Jell-O or any other fruit gelatin brand (colours are up to you, for zombie I would use green, red, orange.)

– 2 packs of clear unflavoured gelatin

– 1 can eagle brand condensed milk

– A 9×13 inch pan (I use a clear casserole, as it goes in the fridge)

– 4 plastic contains, medium sized (for your Jell-o)


1. Make your four packs of Jell-O, and when done, separate the colours into four containers. Let them chill in fridge.

2. Once the Jell-O is set, cut it up into medium sized cubes. Dump the cubes into your pan.

3. In a separate bowl, mix together two packets of clear unflavoured gelatin and half a cup of cold water.

4. In the same bowl, add in about 2 cups of hot water. Stir.

5. Once stirred, add your can of condensed milk and mix together. Let it cool in the fridge for a while. I usually leave it for about 30 minutes.

6. Once cooled, take your milk and gelatin mix and slowly pour it over the Jell-O cubes in your pan. Put the pan in the fridge and let it cool overnight.

In the morning, you’ll be able to cut your gelatin treat into cubes or any shape you want. You can even break it up unevenly and say it is zombie brains/guts! YUM!


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