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Metallica heads South for the winter

As of December, Metallica will have officially played on every continent on the planet. The heavy metal-rock veterans will put on a show near the Carlini Argentine Base to a select group of diehard fans from Costa Rica, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Mexico who enter a contest through Coca-Cola Zero. In order to win the 10-day round-trip Antarctic cruise ticket, fans must prove why they deserve to be selected via Twitter. The only other group to ever perform on the continent, Nunatak, was a five-piece collective of scientists to an audience of 17.


Tom Hardy cast in Elton John biopic

Tom Hardy, most known for his roles in blockbuster mega hits Inception and The Dark Knight Rises, has been cast as Elton John in the upcoming biopic. Although the film company’s CEO Peter Schlessel has no doubts about Hardy’s performance and portrayal of the legendary musician, Hardy was not their initial pick. Sir Elton allegedly had pop prince Justin Timberlake in mind. Rocketman will be directed by Michael Gracey and is said to begin filming next fall.

The Who call it quits

To mark their 50th anniversary, The Who have decided it’s time to stop touring in 2015. The British rockers told The Evening Standard that they will likely go perform in cities they have rarely played in the last several decades. “For the 50th anniversary we’ll tour the world. It’ll be the last big one for us. There are still plenty of places we’ve not played. It would be good to go to eastern Europe and places that haven’t heard us play all the old hits,” said guitarist Pete Townshend to The Evening Standard. Along with the release of Sensation, a documentary based on the band’s legendary rock-opera Tommy, The Who will release a special box set edition of the film.


Chris Brown arrested on felony charges

Infamous singer and performer Chris Brown is making headlines once again for his bad behaviour. According to CNN, Brown was arrested in Washington D.C Sunday morning after along with his bodyguard. Police told CNN that “[Brown and bodyguard] were allegedly involved in an altercation with another man outside the W Hotel at 4:25 a.m.” Currently still on probation from an assault involving ex-flame pop singer Rihanna in 2009, any subsequent arrests could lead to Brown facing jail time.




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