Pervert prevention plan in place

Since the publication of last week’s article “Perverts plague SGW library,” the university has been working to change and improve security.

The recent event involving a non-student perpetrator who inappropriately touched himself in front of several female students in the Webster Library, has left students suggesting that the library should not be accessible to the public.  Although Webster Library’s priority is the university community, as a public institution, a Canadian academic library’s principal mission is to support learning, teaching and research for everyone.

University spokesperson Chris Mota has informed The Concordian that the university has readjusted their protocol so that the police will be called immediately every time an incident is reported.  There will now be absolutely zero tolerance for harassment, inappropriate or offensive behaviour.

In addition, security presence in the library and throughout campus will be increased.  Finally, although it is only in it’s beginning stages, the university has plans to spearhead a prevention and safety program on campus, teaching students how to protect themselves and what steps to take in such uncomfortable situations.

“We want our students to feel safe, and we want them to know we are working hard to ensure their safety,” said Mota.

Should any such circumstances happen to you, the university insists you inform security right away.

“Any incident must immediately be reported to security.  Together, we can ensure that our library is a safe place for our students, faculty and staff, and still respect our commitment to share knowledge with the wider community,” said Guylaine Beaudry, interim university librarian.


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  1. Not the first time I’ve seen a hobo inside Concordia. Definitely creepy, and possibly dangerous.

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