Poet’s Corner – Goldie Locks’ Romance

Goldie Locks

Found herself on the rocks

Because she was a stubborn little one

She didn’t understand why every man

Would only call her “pretty”

Don’t be naive, she knew very well

But she was much too keen and gritty

To be admired for her looks

As she loved to swim in books


Goldie Locks dreamed of the Sun; she was the Moon

She became a mystic far too soon

Admired one suitor who was much too bitter

And kept his heart in a box

The second came along

He adorned her with a song

Alas he wanted her in a box


She looked to her siblings the Stars

And wished for one to share her scars

“This one’s too greedy,” she said, “that one’s too needy

This one’s too distant, that one’s too sticky”


Soon one day with her nose in Poe

She felt brightness in the room

It was the Sun, here to brighten her gloom

“This one’s just right,” said Goldie Locks


So the Earth crashed, the Sun melted into the Moon

(And he shared her love of books, too)



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