Poet’s Corner

Poetry is like an open door, so that you may peek if you seek. The following poem is about knowledge and its various degrees of perception, how it takes over the mind, when original thoughts like “all is one” come through our creative self, a.k.a. our poetic self. It’s about knowledge, in that its self-evidential rather than assuming. Light is the peace that comes with enlightened thoughts. The poem calls for self-mastery and to no longer be a slave to non-creativity. This poem was written while chilling with my grandfather on a sunny day sitting outside a café, with empiricism, Carl Jung and a beautiful golden retriever in mind.


The Empirical sweat,

dripped of reason, my mind.

Accumulated light in

the cave of logical glee!

Universally One,

vibrates sound of

this joyous day….

Seed your mind,

grow a tree,

nourishing self-control.

Testimonia for past slaves,

poetry never made,

Evidential Poetry!


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