Reggie’s Bar has major renovation plans

The redesign of the bar area will be mostly aesthetic, creating a more welcoming environment for students.

On Oct. 19 Reggie’s Bar will be closed indefinitely for major renovations and revamping, with the project’s estimated cost to be between $300,000 and $400,000.

The renovations will include a complete change of the bar area, ventilation, lighting, sound equipment, plumbing and electrical as well as a much needed upgrade to the bathrooms, and finally the addition of a full commercial kitchen.

The complete renovation plan is still being developed, however the initial proposal which will include a theme and design for the bar will be presented to the CUSACorp board of directors on Oct. 16.

James Tyler Vaccaro, Chairperson to the board of directors and CSU’s VP Clubs & Internal Affairs said, “The project will realistically cost between $300,000 to $400,000. The project managers understand that any funding that will be allocated to the renovation must be approved by the CSU’s financial committee; because of this, they will be able to make adjustments to the proposal according to the funding allocated.”

CUSACorp and its board will be making all the decisions regarding the renovation project.  Vaccaro informed The Concordian that the project managers have hired a designer to create illustrations of the bar’s planned interior.

“These illustrations will be based on conversations with the CUSACorp board and will be included in their proposal,” said Vaccaro.

In the to-be released press release CUSACorp states “This project has plans to encompass a wholesome change to the space known as Reggie’s, transforming it into a respectable establishment which will cater to the Concordia community.”

Improvements to both sound and lighting are being made to allow the bar to host better events and offer a venue that can offer a greater variety of live performances and promote student bands.  The ventilation improvements will be required with the addition of the commercial kitchen.

The kitchen will create a sustainable, student run food option for all students and staff downtown.

The plumbing renovations will be needed to install a new ice machine, mend existing issues, as well as supply the new kitchen and bathrooms.

While the Reggie’s bathroom renovations are long overdue, the project will provide functional, more hygienic and accessible rest room facilities.

The redesign of the bar area will be mostly aesthetic, creating a more welcoming environment for students.

“The goal is to create an establishment that is used by students throughout the week to grab a bite to eat or have a drink, not only on Thursday nights. We have a lack of space at Concordia, and students demand a place on campus that is theirs,” said CUSACorp. “After the renovations, we hope that Reggie’s will act as a meeting place that students are proud to frequent.”

The re-opening of the new revamped Reggie’s will only be known once the project proposal has been finalized and the construction has begun.

Although there are currently no plans for a grand re-opening, Vaccaro has assured The Concordian that there will be. The theme and date of the grand opening event will be widely publicized throughout Concordia closer to the end of the renovations.

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