Super zombie band, The Macabre, will turn your world upside down

Graphic by Jenny Kwan
Graphic by Jenny Kwan

In the spirit of the Halloween season, The Concordian did some digging in musical graveyards and assembled a supergroup of the undead.

Our ensemble is a four-piece set, featuring a drummer, vocalist, guitarist, and bassist to form the chilling and thrilling zombie band, The Macabre. The band members will give you smoother material, but will nevertheless rock out, and most importantly, will make you want to sing along to their music and repeat their tunes over and over again.

Without further ado, we present to you The Macabre:

Freddie Mercury

As the frontman of Queen, Mercury delivered timeless classics with passion and excitement making it hard to not get caught up in any Queen song that plays. Being a zombie would hardly keep Mercury down. Zombies are usually droning slow-moving creatures; Mercury would be the liveliest zombie rock star them all.

Honourable mention: Michael Jackson. Jackson outgrew the whole band concept once he reached puberty. That being said, seeing zombie MJ perform the “Thriller” dance would be worth the highly inflated price of admission.

Jimi Hendrix

Hendrix will give the band its rocking and psychedelic image. While Mercury will command the crowd with his presence, Hendrix will often steal the show with his guitar skills. Give him a few guitar solos and soon we’ll be debating who the greatest guitarist ever is: ‘real’ Jimi Hendrix or ‘zombie’ Jimi Hendrix.

Keith Moon

The drummer of The Who had a reputation for being reckless with the drums —amongst other things—yet his drumming will forever have a place in music history and opening sequences of the various CSI TV shows. If any of his limbs fall off from drumming too hard, he will likely keep on drumming and tape them back on during the set. It’s all done for the love of Rock’ n’ Roll.

Rick James

If you have to double take at his name,you probably haven’t watched enough of comedian Dave Chappelle’s sketches. The man behind songs like “Super Freak” (MC Hammer would later sample it for “U Can’t Touch This”) and “Give It To Me Baby,” James can provide background vocals and kill it on bass. He might also have the best stories to share while on tour.


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