Top 10: Upcoming October 2013 concerts

10. Big D and The Kids Table – Oct.18 – Café Campus

This ska-punk band takes the stage with various other ska bands for the fifth annual Montreal Ska  Festival.

Should you go?  If you want to be part of an interesting festival with lively danceable music, this is the show for you.

9. Papa Roach – Oct.22 – Metropolis

With memorable lyrics and catchy new metal songs, this show will involve its fair share of crowd-shouted lyrics.

 Should you go?  If you know how the lyric “Because days come and go but my feelings for you are _______” ends, you should go.

8. The Spits – Oct.7 – Il Motore

This relatively unknown band is the self-proclaimed “people’s punk” band. The group often parades around on stage in weird, homemade costumes.

Should you go? If you have ever wanted to see a ‘70s or’ 80s punk band before they were “mainstream” this is the closest you will get.

7. Delorean – Oct.18 – Il Motore

This interesting blend of sounds creates beautiful and uniquely danceable tunes. This show will definitely get people on their feet.

Should you go? Look up the video for “Stay Close” and attempt to not be intrigued by the interesting beats and colours. If this seems impossible, then go.

6. Lamb of God – Oct.24 – Metropolis

With the main act alone, this would be a good show, but with the addition of metal heroes such as Killswitch Engage and Testament to round out the lineup, this show will be the place for metal enthusiasts this October.

Should you go? Listen to “Ashes in the Wake” then ask yourself if you are “metal” enough.

5. Streetlight Manifesto – Oct. 5 – Metropolis

This ska-punk band has announced that this will be their last tour for the foreseeable future, as they will be spending more time in the studio recording.

Should you go? Listen to “Falling, Falling” and try not to dance. If this is impossible, buy a ticket.


4. Bassnectar – Oct.12 – Metropolis

This world-class dubstep act is accompanied by an amazing arrangement of video screens for a full sensory experience.

Should you go? Listen to “Upside Down” and flick the lights on and off at an increasing rate as the song progresses to get a preview of what you might expect at a Bassnectar show.

3. Franz Ferdinand – Oct.23 – Metropolis

Should you go? Most should  know what Franz Ferdinand sounds like. You either own a ticket or you’re on your way to purchasing yours.

2. Nine Inch Nails – Oct.3 – Bell Centre

One of the biggest acts coming to town this month, Nine Inch Nails is on tour to support their newest album Hesitation Marks. The show will surely not disappoint, but its pricey tickets keep it out of the number one spot.

Should you go? Listen to “Downward Spiral” in its entirety, and then decide if you are ready to sell your soul to afford floor seats. You most definitely will be.

1. Kings of Leon – Oct. 1 – Place des Spectacles

This four-piece alternative rock group is currently touring in support of their newest album Mechanical Bull that dropped early last week. The best part is that it will cost you a grand total of $0. This outdoor show will be held to kick off the NHL season. The concert will start at 6:30.

Should you go? Stop wasting time deciding; run to Place des Spectacles, it’s free!

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